Burton Lightweight Crew Men’s T-Shirt True Black

Burton Lightweight Crew Mens T Shirt True Black function washing

The black round neck shirt has particularly flat seams which prevent unpleasant friction.

The breathable and water-repellent material you enjoy around the clock a great wearing comfort. In addition, the elastic material ensures optimum freedom of movement.

With a UV protection factor of 40, it protects you from the aggressive winter sun.

The thumb holes on the armbands complete the great functions of the "Lightweight".
-Men’s functional shirt
-Fit: figure-fit
-Longer cut shape
-High freedom of movement
-Crew neck
-Quick drying, water repellent
-UV protection factor 40
-Armband with thumb hole
-Flat seam
-Material: 91% Polyester, 9% Elastane

Brand: Burton

Burton Men’S Lightweight Crew Top, True Black, Medium


Get a great deal on Ebay: https://zkan.us/t/B00F152D7C The Burton Lightweight Crew works great all season. Run it as a base layer

Burton Caption Crew Hoodie

Burton Caption Crew Hoodie
  1. DRYRIDE Ultrawick fleece with channeled interior grid texture amp up wicking performance to keep you dry from the inside out.
  2. Camo and heather options add style, while a portable design packs into its own front pocket.
  3. Lightweight and breathable, the crew is well matched for missions from spring riding to school and work.
  4. EDIT – I gave this top 3 stars based n my nerdy perspective.
  5. I have to raise it to five stars because I have received so many compliments for how nice it looks.
  6. This is a comfortable and well made top that would be better without the front pocket.
  7. To be sure, the main fabric and the build quality are superb.
  8. But that front pocket is a crinkly piece of material similar to a rain cover for a tent.
  9. This would be excusable if the top folded into the pocket and resulted in a water resistant little pack.
  10. Before the whining, the praises (pretending there’s no pocket).
  11. That interior grid thing in the liner stuff is superb and nice and soft.
  12. The top is amazingly warm for how thin and light it is.
  13. Too well stitched, If they were poorly stitched, I’d have removed the front pocket.
  14. Yes it does fit in there, but don’t try zipping it closed because the zippers are not reversible.
  15. If you’re as dumb as me, you’ll persevere in trying to zip it closed anyway.
  16. Also, all the annoying crinkly and maybe waterproof material ends up inside the packet, not protecting it.
  17. I looked on the Burton web site and for online videos to see if there were a secret to stowing this thing in its own pocket.
  18. I was reluctant the large would be big enough but it actually fit my large torso just fine.
  19. The sleeves are usually where a large fails me by not being long enough but these sleeves were perfect length.
  20. I feel this is a true large and not like 90% of the large tops out there that fit more like a medium on muscular or larger/longer upper bodies.
  21. Oddly enough, I felt a slight intrusive breeze on a warmer day but was warm to the point of sweating while wearing this on a much cooler day.
  22. I’d say it’s great for cool weather and definitely keeps you warm but it’s not quite as wind resistant as I’d prefer.
  23. The high contrast design is a little garish and occasionally makes rustling sounds when the pocket is scrunched or moved.
  24. The dual zippered pocket is useful for carrying a cell phone or other flat device but not very useful for larger items.
  25. I’m a little puzzled as to why this particular material was chosen for the pocket.
  26. A quieter and less synthetic feeling material would have been a much better choice.
  27. Materials aside, I love the fit and my wife really loves it because it fits very nicely, accentuating the chest and shoulders.
  28. If you like to lift, this top will be one of your faves.
  29. Quality is top notch and I received nothing but compliments the first time I wore it out to an event.
  30. A bit big for a size L, but very comfortable and attractive.
  31. I don’t have a clue what the attachment point over the left breast is for (looks like something you put a strap through), but the zippered pouch in front is very convenient.
  32. The outer material of the pullover is 100% spun polyester that is both soft and moisture repellent, and the inner lining is an absorbent synthetic material net that wicks away sweat and other moisture.
  33. I wear a large, and it’s big on me, but that’s ok, as I most likely will wear it over other layers when it’s SUPER cold, and when I wear it over an insulated layer (like Under Armour), it does a great job of moving the moisture away from my torso, while helping me stay dry.
  34. I’ve machine washed this item twice, and both time let it air dry.
  35. As I accumulate more time with the Crew Top, I’ll return with an update.
  36. This is a nice looking regular fit casual long sleeve crew neck intended for outdoor use.
  37. The Dryride ultra wick fleece wicks moisture to keep you dry and the shirt is lightweight and breathable.
  38. I don’t necessarily like the pocket being a starkly contrasting black – I would prefer it to blend in.
  39. The good thing about this pocket it it is zippered so your stuff won’t fall out.
  40. My experience with this is that ribbed collars/cuffs usually stretch out over time.
  41. The shirt fits to size and hangs appropriately all around.
  42. This is a nice looking shirt and Burton is a good brand fro apparel as well as their snowboards.
  43. We have mild winters in FL and I anticipate wearing this in the colder months.
  44. I’m kind of iffy on the Burton Caption Crew – on the one hand, it’s really nice but I’m not over how funny that pouch looks yet.
  45. Nice material, the inside is grid knitted, which is excellent as that prevents the insides from getty those rolly pollies with the sweat shirt material from washing.
  46. The fit is good and the length of the waist is perfect.
  47. The only thing is that the pouch is a raincoat/tarpy kind of deal and it’s not at all intrusive or anything like that but with the heather color of the shirt, the pouch really stands out too much.
  48. It would look much nicer if only because yo don’t look like a kangaroo wearing that top.
  49. Overall, I like the top, good material, solidly put together.
  50. The pouch doesn’t even bother me all that much but yeah – not completely sold yet.
  51. Get it if you like how the top looks, it’s top notched construction with real warmth!<
  52. The front pocket is nice to have, but I wish it was made of a cloth material instead of plastic,…
  53. Despite its light weight it is warm enough for fall outdoor temperatures in the 45-60 degree fahrenheit range.
  54. I don’t care for the look of the odd pocket, however, for function, it’s pretty good.
  55. Lash tag probably not for a knife but you could attach ski tags I guess.
  56. To the good, It’s soft and surprisingly warm given that it is pretty lightweight.
  57. Large is a nice fit but not large enough to wear something else underneath.
  58. Which is a tough call since teens usually don’t think that their mothers know fashion.
Buy here $33.58 – $79.95

Burton Classic Mountain High Short Sleeve Tee, True Black, Large

Burton Classic Mountain High Short Sleeve Tee, True Black, Large
  1. Keep your mind on the mountain at all times with this everyday wardrobe necessity.
Buy here $24.95

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