Burton Malavita EST Snowboard Binding White Rabbit

Burton Malavita EST snowboard binding White Rabbit snowboard bindings

The Burton Malavita snowboard binding in the color "White Rabbit" is through and through a little snow hare. EST mounting system meets medium flex and top technology, and thanks to its unique material reduction, it provides more stance possibilities and optimized board feeling! The freestyle focus and the ability to put power into action make the Burton snowboard binding popular with the Burton team. The unique Heel Hammock element on the inside of the Highback absorbs vibrations, provides more heel hold and places your feet in optimal position. In addition, the Hi-Back is ergonomically shaped and provides excellent comfort. If you prefer a relaxed board feel you will love the Zero Forward Lean and DialFLAD technology.

Whether fast carving or lively pipes -the required angle can be adjusted easily. Asymmetric Hammockstrap and Supergrip Capstrap donate either a loose feeling for jibbing or a firm hold in the powder and keep your boots properly? in the bond.

The cored base provides cushioning thanks to Dual Density EVA Foam, B3 Gel Pads and AutoCANT SensoryBED, which absorbs all kinds of bumps and provides more control over your snowboard.

This EST binding will ONLY fit on Burton boards with ICS Channel System! The binding does NOT fit on other systems like 4 hole, 3 hole or similar.

-Men's snowboard binding

-Mounting system: EST for ICS Channel

-Flex and Response: 7/10 -Medium

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair


-Two-piece base plate: inner part softer, stiffer along the side edges only compatible with ICS CHANNEL!

-Sidewall: 30% short glass nylon composite

-Bottom part: 30% short glass nylon composite

-The Hinge: pliable lower part for stronger roll behavior

-Tool-free, adjustable gas pedal

-AutoCANT SensoryBED: double density EVA for natural foot position

-B3 Gelpad: Damp pad in the heel area, reducing impact

br4> -HI-BACK:

-Ergonomically shaped and sloped

-Two-piece construction: Heel Hammock in the area of ​​boot printing

-Zero Forward Leanfor playful, relaxed driving

-Heel Hammock: two-part steaming construction

-DialFLAD: allows forward tilt and fore position

-Slanted Living Hinge joint: diminishes weight and hardware


-Tool-free, adjustable straps

-ASYM Hammockstrap: asymmetric, enclosing, minimalist design

-Flex Slider: stretched joint zone on ankle strap

-Super Grip Capstrap: grippy rubber with elastic cover

-Stand-inTake-buckles with Insta-Click closure

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On whoa! Guf (@matt_guf) loves the Malavitas! One of the great all around bindings on the market, Burton's Malavita is comfortable

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