Burton Med Spike Mat Snowboard Pad Translucent Black

Burton Med Spike Mat Snowboard Pad Translucent Black

Snowboard pad for a secure stand The Spike Mat snowboard pad gives you a secure footing on your board at the tow lift. Simply select the desired position on your snowboard and peel off the protective film and stick it on.

After approx. 24h at room temperature the optimal adhesion is achieved.

-Measurements: approx. 7x14.5cm

-Dark transparent

-Self-adhesive backing

-Wide edge

How To Choose And Install A Stomp Pad


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Burton Medium Spike Mat

Burton Medium Spike Mat

  1. Sturdy spikes that are blunted unlike the sharp spikes of other spike mats/stomp pads.
  2. Clear version available that does not obstruct artwork of snowboard's topsheet.
  3. But slightly pricey & would stop buying if price continues to rise.
  4. I had one on my old board works great for getting off the lifts.
  5. Adhered to the board perfectly and allowed me to exit the lifts without my foot slipping off the board.

Buy here $15.95

Burton Large Scraper Mat

Burton Large Scraper Mat

  1. Looking forward to many years of happy treading with this neat mostly transparent stomp pad.

Buy here

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