Burton Minishred Buddy Bunting Ski Suit Paper Animals

Burton Minishred Buddy Bunting Ski Suit Paper Animals Skianzuge

Burton gets the big winter spa with the Buddy Bunting winter sleeping bag in "Paper Animals", now the smallest! The sweet, colorful pattern provides for a higher cuteness factor and on the other for bright children’s eyes.

With a full zip on the front of the ski suit, it only takes a moment for your little outdoor explorer to set off.

Thanks to warm lining and synthetic down all over the body, Cold has no chance and warm good play. Taffeta lining at the back and abdominal area is covered with extra warm fleece and provides a solid breathability, which transports moisture from the body to maintain the internal climate and protect against overheating.

Furthermore, the winter overalls on the hand and foot area has a flap to turn over, so that fresh snow has no opportunity to get to the delicate children’s body and break off the winter walk prematurely.

-Toddler Winter Suit

-Continuous front zipper

-Fixed hood with lycra edging

-High collar with chin guard

-Waterproof and Breathable

-Taffeta lining with warm fleece at the front and back

-Fully lined with synthetic down

-Hand and foot area for folding

-Upper: 100% polyester

-Lining: 100% Nylon

Size indication in body length:

-3 / 6M = 61 -71 cm

-6 / 12M = 71 -79 cm

-12 / 18M = 79 -84 cm

-18 / 24M = 81 -86 cm

Brand: Burton

Burton Girl’s Minishred Infant Buddy Bunting Suit

Burton Girl's Minishred Infant Buddy Bunting Suit

  1. Serious warmth for your playful little one is wrapped up in the eco-conscious Burton Minishred Infant Buddy Bunting Suit.

Buy here $74.95 – $84.96


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