Burton Mission EST Snowboard Binding 2016 -Rude Bwoy

Burton Mission EST Snowboard Binding 2016  Rude Bwoy snowboard bindings

, The good reputation precedes the Burton mission, the binding covers a wide range of driving and works great in any terrain.

No matter if icy park kicker, pipe, slushy jibs, powder or just piste, this binding does it all. It is stable and direct in every terrain.

Thanks to the EST technology and zero lean highbacks, the mission has a natural flex, and is optimally steamed via the SensoryBed profile.

Furthermore, the EST system offers infinitely many stance variants and a lower binding profile. Thanks to the best straps and buckles in the business you stand firmly in the saddle.

The comfortable fit and other user-friendly attributes make this all-rounder one of a kind. coveted goods.

This EST binding will ONLY fit on Burton boards with ICS Channel System! The binding does NOT fit on other systems like 4 hole, 3 hole or similar.

-Disc: ONLY on Burton ICS Channel

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Hard: 6/10

-Weight per piece (Large M): 920g

-Standard Features:

-Anatomically shaped baseplates

-Ergonomically shaped highback

-Highback rotation

-Adjustable Forward Lean

-Tool-free adjustable straps

-Adjustable gas pedal

-Baseplate: EST

-By attaching the inserts to the binding edge during ICS Channel assembly, it was possible to dramatically reduce baseplate material usage, increase damping, save weight and generally give the binding a lower profile. The EST system offersless possibilities of binding positions and creates a generally improved driving experience.

And all without having to sacrifice the old-fashioned power for changing edges.

-Baseplate material: 30% short glass fiber nylon composite

-The one-component baseplate made of robust short glass fiber-nylon composite creates a consistently uniform reaction behavior Highback: Zero Lean with Living Hinge Tech

-A forgiving highback for riders who prefer medium flex. The highbacks have an ergonomic design that matches the natural shape of the right and left legs for maximum control and comfort.

Thanks to the Living Hinge technology, you can save weight and be able to adjust your highback rotation independently of the forward lean.

-Adjustability: DialFLAD

-The ingenious Dial Flad system allows you to adjust your Forward Lean quickly and without any tools.

-Ankle Strap: Reactstrap with Flex Slider

-The 3D molded and responsive Reactstrap with EVA padding is comfortable and holds each boot firmly in the binding.

-Toe Strap: Gettagrip Capstrap

-The 3D molded Capstrap with Grip Fit profile on the inside and Flex Window on the toe provides firm support for optimal power transmission.

-Buckles: Smooth Glide

-One-piece lever made of aluminum on a robust steel chassis, facilitate buckling and ensure smooth ratcheting.

-Steaming: SensoryBED

-The SensoryBED dampening provides full-length padding for maximum comfort and less fatigue.

The gas pedal is of course adjustable without tools

Brand: Burton

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