Burton ProTest Snowboard 2017

Burton ProTest Snowboard 2017 snowboards

Burton’s protest is the ultimate snowboard for the discerning kid, because the pros of tomorrow need a decent base and a decent board that lives up to their claims is an absolute must have! The responsive camber profile combined with the steaming Filet-O-Flex provides a balanced blend of control and skate-like riding sensation.

With the Burton ProTest, your child gets a decent snowboard, which in the park, on kicker, in the pipe or on the slopes explores the limits of the Konnens new. So why settle for something inferior when you can strap on the Burton ProTest under your feet! -Flex: 4/10
-Application: All Mountain Freestyle
-Binding assembly: on ICS Channel
-Construction: Camber
-The first choice for powerful turns and energetic precision.

The classic camber design with pre-tensioning brings out the best of the Snowbard and brings your impulses directly and evenly on the slopes.
-Shape: Twin
-Perfectly symmetrical, for balanced and stable driving in both directions.
-Flex: Twin
-The Twin Flex is of course matched to the twin shape.

This includes a symmetrical flex from nose to tail, which guarantees the same performance in both directions.
-Core: FSC Super Fly (800g)
-Dual zone EGD
-The new Superfly core is 10% lighter and only wood from sustainable cultivation is used. Targeted use of hard and light wood in certain areas of the core causes bounce, hard and less weight.

With even more boost for freeriders and more power for park boards.

The dual zone EGD grain is inserted along the toe and heel edges into two continuous zones perpendicular to the rest of the core, providing constant edge hold and additional force.
-Fiberglass: Triax
-Especially suitable for jibs, low torsional flex and a forgiving park friendly feeling.
-Construction element: Filet-O-Flex
-Filet-O-Flex are EVA pads in the binding area, which additionally absorb external influences and compliment them for optimum power transmission.
-Base: Sintered
-Robust covering with very good wax absorption and low maintenance requirements for optimal sliding behavior.
-Construction element: Per Tip
-Nose and tail are constructed thinner, which reduces the swing weight and improves the mobility. Average width: Boardlength -23rd4cm (136cm)
-24.0cm (145cm)
Rider Weight: Board length -36-50kg (136cm)
-50-65kg (145cm)

2017 Burton Protest Snowboard Review The House.Com

Burton Protest 2017. Guf takes a look. You can find Burton snowboards at: www.the-house.com Burton Protest: https://www.the-house

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