Burton The Dirt Bag Sleeping Bag Famish Stripe

Burton The Dirt Bag Sleeping Bag Famish Stripe

If you're not a typical sleeping bag friend, you'll love The Dirt Bag? Burton pulled out the big ticket! Thanks to the easy zip connection, you can make the sleeping bag a romantic little duvet or use it as a blanket by simply opening the sleeping mat completely.

Low weight as well as Packma? characterize the travel companion.

The outer shell has been provided with a water-repellent coating, so that even sleeping laps in the open air do not with wet flops. Working with Big Agnes equipment experts, Burton has developed a 3-season sleeping bag with cold protection down to minus 40 degrees and synthetic insulation inside.

A small pocket with zipper keeps your essentials such as cell phone and keys on, so you always know them directly in your safe environment.

-Sleeping bag

-Suitable for 3 seasons


-Low weight

-Outer shell with water-repellent coating

-Nylon taffeta lining with quilted synthetic insulation

-Cold protection down to -40 ° Celsius

-Works open as a ceiling

-Can be combined with another sleeping bag

-Including storage bag

-Includes: sleeping bag, pouch bag

-Pack size: 21.5cm x 21.5cm

-Convenient format: 203cm x 89cm

-Open format: 203cm x 178cm

-Material: Polyester

Brand: Burton

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