Burton WB Gore-Tex Under Glove Women’s Gloves 2017 True

Burton WB Gore Tex Under Glove Womens Gloves 2017 True gloves

From the Burton Gore glove family presented this year, of course, again the Under Glove for women.

Timeless black wraps around the entire glove and provides high-quality materials for reliable protection no matter where you are.

Thanks to an additional inner glove, which can be used alone as a leisure glove, you get limitless warmth and can adjust the lady’s glove at any time to your needs and the conditions of nature! A small pocket on the handprint has been provided with a watertight zipper and is used for ventilation if your performances get too hot. In addition, the winter gloves have a non-slip grip surface to always provide you with the best support, while reinforced fingertips the premature wear and tear. Counteract and at the same time be compatible with all the touchscreens. Enjoy the luxury of dry, protected hands in your snow activities as these women’s gloves are worn through the slim wrist cuff beneath the functional jacket. So the snow stays on the slopes and has no chance to spread in your gloves.
-Ladies Finger Gloves
-Wind and water resistant GORE-TEX membrane
-Lightweight Thermacore padding
-Anatomically preformed
-Removable inner gloves with DRYRIDE Thermex
-Leather insert on the thumb for goggle cleaning
-Ventilation / warm bag with waterproof zip
-Roughened microfiber lining
-Non-slip Sticky Icky palm
-Wrist strap connecting hook
-Screen Grab Toughgrip -Touchscreen Compatibility
-Logo embroidery reinforced fingertips
-Material: 50% Nylon, 40% Polyester, 10% Polyurethane
-S = 7
-M = 8
-L = 9
-XL = 10

Brand: Burton

Burton Gore-Tex Under Gloves

Burton Gore-Tex Under Gloves
  1. More than any other part of your riding kit, gloves have the most contact with the elements.
  2. Built around the demands of high-energy riding, DRYRIDE Ultrashell fabrics are both bomber and breathable to keep hands dry and protected.
  3. Any device, any finger-get total touchscreen control without ever exposing your fingers to the cold.
  4. More than any other part of your riding kit, gloves have the most contact with the elements.
  5. With that in mind, pros like Jack Mitrani choose the bestselling Burton GORE-TEX Glove.
  6. DRYRIDE Durashell 2L fabric, and a Guaranteed To Keep You Dry GORE-TEX membrane protect this Thermacore insulated glove from burly conditions.
  7. NEW Screen Grab synthetic leather gives you stealth touchscreen control with any finger.
  8. A removable four-way stretch fleece liner dries quickly and gives you options for any weather.
  9. Wear just the liner when shoveling, just the shell in sloppy spring conditions, or combine the two for total midwinter warmth and comfort.
  10. The liners that come with the gloves are hard to use, the grip pads are too sticky and make it difficult to put the gloves on with the liners on.
  11. They were a little tight and it was hard to move my fingers for the first day, but after a day or so of use they loosened up and were pretty comfortable.
  12. The wrist strap is key, no worries about losing these on the lift!<
  13. The gloves themselves are very soft on the inside, comfortable, and legitimately warm.
  14. The lining gloves that come with them are also good for semi-cold weather.
  15. The lining gloves also have a grip texture on the palm and fingers.
  16. The only thing that would make these gloves better is if they could interact with my smart phone.
  17. I felt my hands somewhat cold once but very manageable.
  18. The one con might be the outer glove does not have a elastic strap to loosen/tighten as you put on/remove the gloves.
  19. Also, the gloves were snug for me with the liner and the outer layer both on, but I knew that prior to purchasing.
  20. Moderate weather you can remove the inner liner and it will fit perfectly.
  21. The material on the thumb set this glove apart from similar priced gloves.
  22. Either way, i now have gloves that I use for a few days a year and will likely lose them before they wear out.
  23. Could be the worst gloves I’ve owned as far as dexterity is concerned.
  24. Difficult to pull the velcro strap from one glove with the other glove on.
  25. The under glove will come off when you take off the over glove or sometimes stay on.
  26. I had been buying off brand gloves that claimed to keep your hands warm in 0 degree weather.
  27. They are not lightweight and do not have high dexterity.
  28. One note: The insulated outer gloves seem true to fit, and work fine on their own.
  29. For me, to wear these with the liners that come with them, I’d need another size up.
  30. The only drawback was the opening of the Outer glove is very tight and impossible to get into without help.
  31. They do work on touchscreen phones and the liners kept his hands warm down to about 20 Degrees.
  32. If they weren’t so hard to get into I would give them the full 5 stars.
  33. Both parts fit well and the interior glove option provides the flexibility for added warmth (if needed).
  34. Two were forty degree days when it was too warm for the outer glove.
Buy here $30.96 – $79.95

Burton Women’s Gore-Tex Under Gloves

Burton Women's Gore-Tex Under Gloves
  1. With that in mind, the Burton team chooses the bestselling women’s Burton GORE-TEX® Under Glove.
  2. DRYRIDE Durashell™ 2L fabric, and a GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® GORE-TEX® membrane protect this Thermacore™ insulated glove from burly conditions.
  3. Screen Grab® synthetic leather gives you stealth touchscreen control with any finger.
  4. I have to admit that when you put the inserts on with the outer glove the fit is a little tight but I think that’s just a break-in period.
  5. I have large hands and I have long fingers so I ordered the XL because I wear a size 8 in women’s glove.
  6. Thought about getting the men’s size gloves but there was no need I will be ordering a second pair in a different color.
  7. FYI- the outer glove is touch screen sensitive but the liner are not touch screen sensitive.
  8. Not deadly, but your blood vessels/capillaries in your feet and fingers shrink at the first sign of cold, causing your feet and hands to go numb VERY EASILY.
  9. They finally starting going a little numb after an hour or two but it was only one or two fingers.
  10. The Gore-Tex layer makes these a little thicker than the burton Profile gloves.
  11. Hot hands hand warmers fit perfectly into the zipper vent area on the back of the hand.
  12. Love the Velcro on these gloves so much easier to use than Burtons convoluted cord-pulley tightening system they have on a lot of their gloves including a version of this same glove.
  13. I had burton profile gloves that ripped after about eight uses snowboarding.
  14. I am hopeful these do better; I have used them once so far.
  15. The gortex gloves are great with keeping my hands toasty warm.
  16. Work the liner gloves plus the gortex gloves the fit is slightly small but without the liner the gloves fit fine.
  17. I’m not sure of my “usual” glove size because I rarely have the need to wear any.
  18. In this case, the xtra small fit well leaving a little bit of room in the fingers.
  19. I bought these gloves mainly because of the “underglove” which allows you to use your phone screen to text, dial etc.
  20. However-and this is the big downer-the undergloves DO NOT WORK.
  21. I was SO disappointed to find this out when I was in the snow and I took off the regular glove to take a picture of my family.
  22. I couldn’t do it without taking the underglove off too.
  23. The only reason that I don’t think I am returning is that I actually need some snow gloves this year.
  24. I usually go boarding for two days at a time and don’t have any issues with my gloves being wet the second day.
  25. The liners are perfect for other cold weather activities as well on their own.
  26. I did notice my liners became covered in pills after just a few uses but this does not take away from their function.
  27. I ordered the large because the medium fit a little too snug in the store and the large was slightly larger than I would have wanted, but not too bad.
  28. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for a good pair of versatile and warm gloves for skiing or snowboarding.
  29. These gloves and liner gloves work great to keep my hands warm with hand warmers in though temperatures and can still easily complete fine motor tasks.
  30. Material has held up and do not see it being an issue any time soon.
  31. Just remember to take care of the gloves and they will take care of you.
  32. The liner gloves aren’t touchscreen which I believe they claim to be, but they have an excellent grip.
  33. Deducting a star only for the liner not being touchscreen as claimed (which I really wasn’t bothered by anyway) and the Burton size chart being a little off based on my measurements saying I was a small.
  34. Have of the time I only wore the liners, they were thin but still kept my hands so warm.
  35. I thought I would finally have gloves where the fingers weren’t too long!<
  36. They are a little cumbersome to put on, with the added liner, but I’m glad to have the liner as an extra layer of warmth.
  37. Sher bought a cheap pair prior to her first snowboarding trip, which I did try and advise against.
Buy here $48.97 – $69.95

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