Burton WB Park Glove Ladies Gloves Unicorn Tears

Burton WB Park Glove Ladies Gloves Unicorn Tears gloves

Thousands of unicorn tears fell on the Burton Park Glove, giving it the unique hue that is unequivocally taunted by Unicorn Tears.

Not only does the colorful history make the Burton Park Glove a real fairy tale for women, no, comfortable fit and functional materials also make your hands soft and secure, making you feel like you're in the magic forest. Spa? by the side -facts on the table! Of course, the winter glove is a real feast for the eyes, apart from that, he can also do something. The surface was equipped with DRYRIDE Ultrashell material, which is elastic and water resistant alike. In addition, the park Ladies Glove has a low profile and a handy Sticky Icky palm, giving you the best freedom of movement and first-class support.

With a slim wrist cuff with velcro closure and grippy rubber grap, you can easily and quickly get into your new winter glove. So every rail of your city, every icy car disc of your hot flitzer or every winter hike with the protection of your most important, well -almost most important, body part is mastered without losing any warmth.

-Ladies Finger Gloves

-Anatomically preformed

-Waterproof Elastic

-DRYRIDE Ultrashell Material

-Brushed microfiber lining

-Narrow cuffs with velcro

-Detachable Wrist Cord


-XS = 6

-S = 7

-M = 8

-L = 9

-XL = 10

Brand: Burton

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