Burton Weekender Socks WB Two Pack (True Black) 2017 Ski socks

Perfect for four-footers or those who prefer a fresh start to the day with cuddly soft socks. Double pleasure brings the Burton Weekender Sock in a two pack with medium warmth.

Two pairs of socks mean twice as elastic, breathable, quick-drying and powerful, twice as much snowboard-specific grip and damping.

Non-abrasive toe seams and protection against wear: the twin pack will provide you with more snow as the sun gets warmer. Your board is mounted, but in the the socks decide whether your day is good or bad.

-Scope of delivery: 2 pairs

-Material: 72% acrylic, 26% nylon, 2% elastane

-Elastic foot and ankle bandage

-Toe seams without scrubbing

-Toes and heel strengthened

-Medium-density damping

-S / M = 34 -38

-M / L = 38 -42

Brand: Burton