Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag True Black 156 Cm

Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag True Black 156 cm

Up to 156 centimeters, your boards can be long, then you get several of them in the Wheelie Locker Burton.

Of course you also have storage space for your clothes, boots and bindings.

The bag has several dividers and removable inside pockets and is padded.

-Measurements: 162 x 32 x 29 cm

-For boards up to 156 cm long

-Space for several boards, helmet and clothes

-Detachable inside pockets for single transport

-2 Ixion rolls

-Telescope handle

-Possibility to divide the bag into 2 pockets

-Material: 100% polyester


-Lockable RV

2015 Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag Review The House.Com


Looking for a gigantic board bag that can be used by multiple people? Look no further than the Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard

Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag

Burton Wheelie Locker Snowboard Bag

  1. Room for multiple boards, outerwear, helmet, and extra everything, plus deployable gear bags for added convenience.
  2. As the stretch limo of board bags, the Burton Wheelie Locker seals the deal as the top choice for the entire Burton team.
  3. Its legendary roomy size hauls multiple boards, a hidden stash stores an extra deck or two, while removable bag fits your boots and bindings.
  4. The compartmentalized upper deck fully separates for easy carrying and organization of clothes and everyday travel gear.
  5. No matter how much you stuff it, rolling is easy with IXION?
  6. It held my stuff plus my daughters but then the wife wanted to pack things in there and it over stuffed the bag.
  7. This one handles everything well enough and as long as I fold things as flat as possible the bag is easier to handle.
  8. I want to move to another board that comes in 164W and 167W.
  9. Not sure if I can cram that 167W in there and don't want to buy another bag just yet.
  10. Can put another deck in the lower compartment
    Has a stiff handle and soft handle for pulling
    The two grab handles in the middle are great plus the 3 other handles.
  11. Wheels are great
    Easy to clean the outside fabric

    No single shoulder strap.

  12. Top that hold luggage doesn't detach similar to the earlier model
    Only comes in one color.

Buy here $299.95

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