Burton WMNS STEP ON Pack 2018 Felix SO Boat Static -Step On Black

Burton WMNS STEP ON Pack 2018 Felix SO Boat Static  Step On Black

The strictly limited Burton Felix Pack for women combines snowboarding and snowboard binding in the new STEP ON system. Experience never-before-seen lightness and performance, as well as incomparable simplicity when entering and leaving the binding. 3 connection points provide complete safety, while the simple composition of the equipment ensures maximum board control.

The modern color blend of black and white patterned boots and the timeless black binding fits perfectly into any outfit and can be combined with any part of the equipment. The Burton Felix Step On Set is created for all women who expect more from their equipment. It gives you the power and energy return you need in any mountain condition.

Thanks to the Boa Coiler quick-release system including lockdown tech on the snowboard boots, an easy-to-use turntable offers 3 cord areas, which generate optimized heel hold and perfect fit. Imprint 3 inner shoes additionally prevent slipping of the sock as well as the heel as a result of an increased heel cuff and roughened heel area. For the "Total Comfort" is a soft calf cuffs and the pluschige lining responsible.

Through these elements you carry the boots from the first minute, without painful bruises.

And this is how it works: The Felix women’s snowboarding shoes has two to the side of the toe area and an aluminum cleat on the heel area, a so-called Stolle, which clicks into the toe and heel hooks on the binding.

The entry is made by pressure from the front to the rear hook, so that the boot prints or the heels last take place in the binding. The exit, however, is exactly the opposite: Here, the side release lever must first be pulled up, so that the heel hook loses and you can climb out of the binding to the front. It is important that the snowboard trousers are clamped in the trouser presser provided for this purpose.

This is the only way to prevent it from slipping between cleat and heel hook, which was no longer safe.

The black Step On binding comes with medium flex and gives concerted accuracy on ride, board control and playful handling. Baseplate and heelcup each consist of 30% short glass / nylon compound, with the rugged Hi-Back canted design and Zero Lean come shot around the corner. Zero lean means that the lowest lifting point to the heel cup results in an upright hi-back.

The tilt angle can be adjusted via FLAD-Verstellmoglichkeit, so 2 integrated screws to serve any personal claims. Together with balancing boot pressure and Re: Flex FullBED damping, it bounces bumps and gives you the control you need for your adventures. Compatible with 4×4 as well as 2×4 disc and Burton ICS Channel, the new Burton Step On System enjoys a wide compatibility of all brand leading snowboards.

Adapter plates and screws, as well as a short leash to secure the binding to the boat are included.
-Burton STEP ON
-ONLY AS SET: Snowboard boots
-Suitable for: ladies
-Woman specific design
-Application: All Mountain
-Flex: 7/10 -Medium
-Boardfeel: 8/10 -Medium / Maximum
-FELIX STEP ON -Snowboard Boats:
-Outer shoe:
-Support: Medium
-Dual Zone Boa Coiler Lock System incl. New England Ropes (Extremely Robust Laces)
-2 side cleats (toe cleats)
-1 heel cleat (heel cleats) with fixed boot clamp
-Fastening loop for suspension line (included)
-1: 1 PowerUp pad with snow protection and medium flex: more rebound
-Step On Backstay: grippy, power-transferring boot printing
-Pull tab on tongue and shaft
-Step On EST outsole: Stousteam with coarse profile
-ReBounce Damping: Impact Protection Directly Underfoot
-ESSFoot support: Natural foot position, reduces fatigue.
-Sleeping Bag Foil: Sleeping bag under the sole for reflective warmth
-Imprint 3 liner with cord-lock and velcro fasteners
-Total Comfort construction: immediate well-being without pressure points.
-Aegis: antimicrobial coating against foot odor
-3M Thinsulate insulation
-DRYRIDE Heat Cycle Lining: thermoactive carbon fiber for heat / sweat transport
-Roughened heel material reduces slippage of the sock
-Focus Cuff Cuff: slightly high heel strap
-Plush Cuff 1.0: particularly fluffy inner fur lining, encircling calf cuff
-Level 2 molded EVA footbed: long-lasting impact steaming
-STEP ON -Bonding
-Mounting system: 4×4 disc, 2×4 disc, ICS channel
-Response: MEDIUM
-30% glass-filled nylon connection with aluminum toe hooks on the side
-Re: Flex FullBED Steaming System
-Tool-free, long-adjustable accelerator
-Heelcup: 30% glass-filled nylon compound withAluminum heel hook
-Heel-Clip: release lever to exit the binding
-Canted design: ergonomically shaped and adapted
-Zero-lean: straight hi-back at lowest point of approach to heelcup
-FLAD: adjustment of the angle of inclination by 2 screws
-Size table shoe size = binding size:
-EUR 38 (US 7) = Gr. M (EUR 37 -40,5)
-EUR 39 (US 7,5) = Gr. M (EUR 37 -40,5)
-EUR 40 (US 8) = Gr. M (EUR 37 -40,5)
-EUR 40.5 (US 8.5) = Gr. M (EUR 37 -40,5)
-EUR 41 (US 9) = Gr.

L (EUR 41 -43)

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