Burton X-Base EST Snowboard Binding 2016 -Black

Burton X Base EST Snowboard Binding 2016  Black snowboard bindings

The X-Base is the lightest and strongest binding in the home Burton. Just the right tie for those who prefer a hard flex and responsiveness.

Of course you should use this binding to fully exploit them, even a corresponding snowboard drive, such as: the Custom X or the new Mystery Air.

The X-Base is equipped with the best technologies Burton has to offer.

The highback made of carbon and the carbon / nylon baseplate have enough power to maneuver even at high speeds surgical precision. The new asymmetrical Hammock Strap adapts individually to your boat shape and the improved Double Take Buckles with 45 ° teething fix your boat firmly in the binding.

Furthermore, the X-Base has the new ThinBed accelerator which optimally steams your foot and protects against fatigue.

Another advantage of the ThinBed is the ultimate close to the board, giving you an unprecedented feel to the board.

-Disc: Only on Burton ICS CHannel

-Scope of delivery: 1 pair

-Hard: 9/10

-Weight per piece (size M): approx. 800g

-Standard Features:

-Anatomically shaped baseplates

-Highback rotation

-Adjustable Forward Lean

-Tool-free adjustable straps

-Adjustable gas pedal

-Baseplate: EST

-By attaching the inserts to the binding edge during ICS Channel assembly, it was possible to dramatically reduce baseplate material usage, increase damping, save weight and generally give the binding a lower profile. The EST system offersless possibilities of binding positions and creates a generally improved driving experience.

And all without having to sacrifice the old-fashioned power for changing edges.

-Baseplate Material: Lightweight 50:50 Carbon Fiber / Nylon Composite

-The baseplate made of robust 50:50 carbon fiber nylon composite, creates a consistently uniform reaction behavior, is super lightweight and provides ultimate responsiveness.

-Highback: Carbon Composite Ultra

-The ultra-light and anatomically shaped highback made of composite carbon is very resistant and has a stiff flex.

The responsiveness is unparalleled and is therefore just right to drive precise lobes.

-Adjustability: FLAD

-The ingenious Flad System allows you to adjust your Forward Lean quickly and without any tools.

-Ankle Strap: Asym Hammockstrap

-The 3D molded and responsive Hammockstrap holds each boat firmly in the binding. Thanks to the Asym function, it is possible to turn the straps around and thereby either put more pressure on the instep or direction of the tibia.

This allows you to choose between a flexible or fixed setting.

-Toe Strap: Lightweight Gettagrip Capstrap

-The ultra-light, 3D molded Capstrap with Grip Fit profile on the inside and Flex Window on the toe tip provides firm support for optimal power transmission.

-Buckles: Double Take Buckles with Insta Click

-An aluminum lever on a sturdy steel chassis and a polycarbonate barrel.

New to this system is that the ratchet teeth (as opposed to the conventional horizontal ones) are spirally arranged.

This technology is more robust and facilitates the adjustment.

-Damping: Lightweight ThinBED

-The super-thin ThinBed is steamed through an EVA layer and provides a completely new driving experience. In conjunction with the EST technology, it almost feels like a contact binding. Just the thing for surgically precise turns.

Brand: Burton

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