Burton Youth Emphasis Pack 17 Liter Backpack Picnic Stripe

Burton Youth Emphasis Pack 17 Liter Backpack Picnic Stripe

With the Burton Youth Emphasis Pack, you have a day pack that is suitable for everyday use and colorful.

The two side pockets with Reischverschuss offer you enough space to quickly and space-saving to stow all your important things.

The main compartment with 2-sided zipper is slightly padded and also has a laptop compartment and a removable inner compartment for extra storage space! A true packing wonder for every occasion. Vermont-born, passionate snowboarder Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton in 1977. In the passionate winter sports enthusiast, the dream of owning a label with cool, innovative boards and corresponding accessories sprouted up in the early years. So he tried to prevail in the time with his ideas.

Not so easy, because the time for new developments was not yet ripe.

On the slopes, skiing was the trend and snowboarders represented only a fringe group. So the success was the first time out. But the young and creative mind, let? Do not shy away from allowing his skills and passion to others through quality boards. So in 1980 he finally succeeded in making a big breakthrough and through ever new innovations and technologies, the label revolutionized the ever-growing snow sport. By now, Burton has grown into a corporation and one of the largest snowboard manufacturers in the world. Incidentally, the large B with a variety of smaller labels also shines successfully in street wear, leisure and fashion. A brand that is indispensable in the sports world.

-Kids Backpack

-Volume: 17 liters.

-Measurements: 38cm x 27cm x 14cm

-Main compartment with 2-way zipper

-Padded and adjustable straps


-Side pockets with zipper

-Transport straps for skateboard

-Soft padded back area

-Padded notebook compartment

-Removable inside pocket

-Internal ID compartment with name card

-Alloverprint and logo print

-Material: 100% polyester

Brand: Burton

Burton Youth emphasis backpack

Burton Youth emphasis backpack

  1. Racing out the door to class or getting dropped off at the hill, burly materials and a healthy main compartment gobble up all the gear and activities that youth schedules dish out.
  2. Dual side pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, removable school supply accessory pouch, and skate straps round out this fully featured kid’s pack.
  3. Dual side pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, removable school supply accessory Pouch, and skate straps round out this fully featured kid’s pack.

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BURTON Youth Emphasis Pack

BURTON Youth Emphasis Pack

  1. Racing out the door to class or getting dropped off at the hill, burly materials and a healthy main compartment gobble up all the gear and activities that youth schedules dish out.
  2. Dual side pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, removable accessory pocket, and skate straps round out this fully featured kid’s pack.
  3. Those of you who have been on a similar hunt know EXACTLY what I mean when I say small big back pack.
  4. I wanted a big backpack meaning, NOT a toddler backpack.
  5. His kindergarten teacher requires a backpack that can easily fit a standard size 3 ring binder that she uses to communicate with parents every day, as well as a change of clothes and diapering needs (my son is autistic and is still not full potty trained, so we have to include wipes and diapers in addition to changes of underwear and clothes).
  6. Toddler backpacks (like the one we used for preschool) generally cannot fit a standard 2″ 3 ring binder (see pics), so in that way, this needed to be a big backpack.
  7. However, I didn’t want a backpack that would completely drown my son either, so I was looking for one on the smaller side of big to fit him now, but would have room to grow through elementary school.
  8. My friends, if that is what you’re looking for, you can stop searching.
  9. The adjustable straps are easy to fit to your kids needs and the interior has PLENTY of room for whatever you need to put in it, from books to clothes and more.
  10. I could easily fit a full size beach towel in this bag on top of all my sons school stuff if I wanted to.
  11. That being said, it is smaller than the average backpack, so it won’t completely drown your kiddo.
  12. In one of my pictures you can see this backpack hanging on the wall next to my purses and my full sized backpack that I take to work (I’m a Biochemistry eye disease researcher at a University so it’s both practical and socially acceptable for me to still be wearing a backpack to work) to compare sizes.
  13. It also has a detachable zipper pouch for holding anything from pencils and pens to ID to lunch money to house keys.
  14. The pouch is plenty big and is attached to the inside of the bag with a clasp and little ribbon of material so it won’t get lost or stolen easily.
  15. It also has a very visible identity card at the top on the inside to write you kids name and your phone number on in case it’s lost.
  16. In preschool and kindergarten it’s a big deal to have all your stuff clearly labeled so I love that feature.
  17. I had to write my sons name on the actual backpack material in sharpie in his last backpack so this is definitely an upgrade.
  18. I also love that it has the skateboard straps on the front!
  19. My husband is a skater and my son loves to do that with him, so one day he might be able to carry his very own skateboard on the front of his backpack.
  20. In the meantime, it’s useful for other things too, like carrying a wet towel on the outside for trips to the water park, or perhaps homework or projects that we don’t want to get smashed inside the bag.
  21. The outside zipper pockets on either side a huge and can hold all sorts of stuff, like 10 fidget spinners each!
  22. This bag also comes with an assortment of REALLY ADORABLE stickers!!<
  23. QUALITY: My husband and I ski and snowboard and have a lot of Burton gear, so it is a brand we have come to trust with our expensive equipment and I was hoping this back pack would be no exception.
  24. The materials used and the construction of this back pack are both very high quality and well done.
  25. The straps are thick and wide and soft with nice, sturdy padding.
  26. The top hanging loop is thick and sturdy and is very secure.
  27. I ended up having to sew that strap back on to my sons preschool backpack at least twice.
  28. The backpack material itself is SUPER heavy duty and won’t puncture or tear.
  29. Best of all, the material is thick and quality enough so that even if the backpack is not completely full (which will be most of the time) it won’t droop and sag and lose its shape!
  30. The only complaint I have about this backpack is that I wish at least one of the side pockets was designed fro holding a water bottle.
  31. Yes, you can leave one unzipped and put a water bottle in it easily, but I would prefer at least one mesh/elastic outside pocket instead of 2 zippered ones.
  32. That being said, it’s a relatively minor quibble and I really love everything else about it!
  33. I HIGHLY recommend this back pack for Kindergarten-Elementary school kids and even Jr.
  34. Heck, you could get this for a preschool kid if you don’t feel like buying another back pack later!
  35. And for the record, I did NOT receive this for free or at a discount.
  36. Paid full price, and that price is VERY fair for what you get!<
  37. I ordered a second bag and decided to keep this one for the future.
  38. It is a bit big for a 3 year old’s needs but the quality is great and it is super cute.
  39. The only thing missing is Anna and Elsa which was a must for our daughter.
  40. This bag will last for a long time and has lots of room to hold anything a young kid, teen, or even adult may need.
  41. It’s holding his lunchbox, jacket and papers just fine.
  42. We will need to upgrade for Kindergarten, but for this year of preschool it’s doing a great job keeping everything together.
  43. She’s been using it for about five months now and I’m still really pleased with it.
  44. Her folder fits in the laptop pocket and her lunch box goes in the front.
  45. She also has room for a change of clothes and whatever she brings for show-and-tell.
  46. But she doesn’t look like she’s carrying 50 lbs of crap around.
  47. I think she’ll be able to use it for a couple of years at least.
  48. I bought this bag for my trip to Disneyland and it was perfect as my personal bag for the flight.
  49. Big enough to fit my clothes for a four day trip but small enough to not get charged a carry on fee.

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