Capita Birds Of A Feather Snowboard 2017

Capita Birds of a Feather Snowboard 2017 snowboards

For all women who do not want to be satisfied with the neediest and make high demands on their snowboard, the BOAF by Capita is a very good choice! New are the Kevlar reinforced Sidewalls and the Wax infuseduro Base, which makes the board more robust, responsive and of course faster.

Thanks to the hybrid FK board profile, the Capita Birds of a Feather has a balanced mix of responsiveness thanks to positive preload in the middle of the board and forgiving, playful driving characteristics which are achieved by the bent Rocker Tips. The wide range of use of the BOAF? S from park over piste to the backcountry makes it a very popular board.

Naturally, like all Capita snowboards, the Birds of a Feather is made in the new own factory (The Mothership) in Austria, another guarantee of snowboarder excellence for snowboarders.

-Flex: 4/10

-Stance: Centered

-Inserts: 4x2

-Construction: Hybrid FK

-The Hybrid FK Camber combines all the useful features of 3 different Camber models. The positive bias from the center of the board up to 5cm after the inserts, provides for energetic power and edge hold even on hardened surfaces.

After the inserts, the flat-lying Zero Camber goes over in Rocker Nose Tails.

This design compliments the board with revving and forgiving properties and also provides buoyancy in the powder.

-Shape: Radial True Twin

-Perfect Symmetrical, for a balanced and stable driving in both directions. The sidecut consists of a single radius that allows you to start and exit your turn in the same arc.

-Core: DS Select RFC Sustainable Core

-The completely continuous poplar wood core is very robust, durable, light and gives the snowboard the typical Capita driving behavior. In the binding area are birchwood inserts to give the board more responsiveness.

Furthermore, care was taken in the production of the core on an environmentally friendly processing.

-Fiberglass: Special Blend EVO

-When processing the fiberglass, Capita uses polyurethane-based resin.

This process not only protects the environment but is also more forgiving than the chemical lobe used by other manufacturers.

The biaxial fiberglass configuration (0 ° / 90 °) on the top and bottom of the board improves the strength and stability of the board.

The hand-laid fiberglass layers make the board more durable and predictable.

They give the board torsion flex, pop and a versatile field of application.

-Base: Wax Infuseduro

-The sintered base is very fast, durable and the first choice for professionals worldwide. In the preparation of this base, high molecular weight polyethylenes were compressed by heat and high pressure.

The result is a very good wax absorption, smooth sliding behavior and longevity.

-Topsheet -Base Graphics: Multitech Level 6 DeepSpace Silkscreen PAM16000 Topsheet with MidasTouch Metallic Underlay

-At Capita, special attention is paid to how the graphics come to the boards. Special printing methods for Topsheet and Base, guarantee an unrivaled resolution, as well as color intensity.

-Construction element: 2x Carbon Fiber Beams

-Carbon is known for its rigidity, tensile strength, low weight and low thermal expansion. This lightweight and durable material gives the board extra power and responsiveness at a very low weight.

-Construction element: Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls

-The Kevlar bands run the edges from point of contact to point of contact, connecting the sidewalls perfectly to the core and reinforcing them further. Medium Width: Boardlength -23.50cm (146cm)

-23.80cm (148cm)

-24.10cm (150cm)

-24.70cm (152cm)

Capita Women's Birds of a Feather '17 144

Capita Women's Birds of a Feather '17 144

  1. Fortressâ„¢ Kevlar for heavy duty protection with refined flyweight Kevlar.
  2. Carbon fiber beams increase power and response while remaining ultralight.
  3. Wax-infused Enduroâ„¢ base is faster, harder, for longer.

Buy here $272.95 - $420.00

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