Capita Defenders Of Awesome Wide Snowboard 2018

Capita Defenders of Awesome Wide Snowboard 2018 snowboards

Capita’s Defenders of Awesome Snowboard has more than earned its reputation. Since the DOA came out, it has been awarded the Transworld Good Wood Award each year, proving that it is the number one on the slopes. So what’s better about a snowboard that’s as successful as the Defenders of Awesome? The Kevlar reinforced Sidewalls, Carbon Fiber Beams, the Hybrid Camber profile and also the hammer design of Corey Smith remain an integral part.┬áNew, however, is the sintered Superdrive Base, which has an extremely high molecular density and best wax absorption, which gives the DOA a high abrasion resistance and a very pleasant sliding behavior.

Another novelty from the Capita Mothership is the Magic Bean Resin, the eco-friendly resin is very powerful and hard-wearing, which in turn means Capita could even reduce the snowboard’s weight and core thickness.

Long story short, the ultimate snowboard for any terrain is and remains the Defenders of Awesome!┬áRegardless of whether it’s buoyancy, edge grip, maneuverability or pop, you can always rely on the all-mountain potential of the Capita DOA.
-Flex: 5.5/10 -Medium
-Stance: Centered
-Inserts: 4×2
-Construction: Hybrid Camber Profile
-Shape: Blended Radial True Twin
-Core: FSC Dual Core -Poplar and Beechwood
-Fiberglass: Biax / Biax Special Blend -Magic Bean Resin
-Base: Superdrive
-Topsheet -Base Graphics: PLT, Level 6 DeepSpace -Multitec Sublimination, Die-Cut Base
-Construction element: 2x Carbon Fiber Beams
-Construction element: Fortress Kevlar Bound Sidewalls
-Edges: 360 HRC48 SteelEdges
-Side bolsters: ABS 1000
Average width: Board length -24.80 cm (152 cm)
-25.00 cm (154 cm)
-25.20 cm (156 cm)
-25.40 cm (158 cm)
-25.70 cm (160 cm)
-25.80 cm (155 cm) Wide
-26.00 cm (158 cm) Wide
-26.20 cm (161 cm) Wide

Capita – Mens The Coach Jacket 2016

Capita - Mens The Coach Jacket 2016
    Buy here $65.00

    Running belt for iPhone 6 Plus – Fanny pack to bring your large smartphone with case like OtterBox Defender at your waist Govivo (Black)

    Running belt for iPhone 6 Plus - Fanny pack to bring your large smartphone with case like OtterBox Defender at your waist Govivo (Black)
    1. I love this running belt (secretly I call it a “fanny-pack” but running belt sounds cooler).
    2. It stretches when you move, but holds the pack securely.
    3. Second, I love the 2 separate pockets, both with sturdy zippers.
    4. I also keep a chap-stick and a small tube of sunscreen and a pen in the small pouch.
    5. Third, I love the fabric – it’s soft, not scratchy yet very durable.
    6. Best thing about this running pack, you don’t have to wear it over your clothes like a fanny pack, it fits nicely under a shirt and no one even knows your wearing it.
    7. I like to travel and will use this when I go back to Italy as it holds my passport, id, tickets, map, credit cards and money easily.
    8. I use this for work and travel – anytime I don’t want to lug a heavy purse around and want to be completely hands-free.
    9. I know there are running belts that are cheaper, but this one is amazing and well worth the few extra dollars!!!!
    10. I wanted to get a “fanny pack” due to the fact that I like walking/running in the park.
    11. Now that the weather is cooler, I’m enjoying the weather, but not the fact that I have to hold my keys and phone when I do so.
    12. When I think of a fanny pack, I envision something big and bulky straps on to my hips and backside.
    13. Anyway, after my search was entered, I noticed the ad at the top you had read some great reviews.
    14. It came quickly and, may I say, I was pleasantly surprised.
    15. The first thing I noticed and liked was that it was a flat.
    16. I liked that it had two separate compartments to separate my things.
    17. I also noticed it was tapered as it went down to the wrap-around band.
    18. The fanny packs that I’ve used in the past have always been made of a thin nylon, which I constantly had to readjust and tighten, as it slipped often.
    19. It’s a genius move from someone who knew how to design a fanny pack.
    20. This pack is so slim, I doubt anyone would know I’m wearing it underneath my shirt.
    21. I had a couple of runners approach me and ask me where I got mine as I was putting it on.
    22. They wanted the roominess of a fanny pack but didn’t like the bulginess of other fanny packs.
    23. On older models, whatever you placed inside the pack would bounce up and down and shift around.
    24. I’ve bought clothing in the past with pockets, armbands, etc.
    25. I can’t believe I actually ordered something that really works and that I’m really happy with.
    26. I would love to see these come in different sizes, too, maybe down the line.
    27. Perhaps more compartments or a two pack instead of one, etc.
    28. Overall, I think this is a great product and I’m so happy to have purchased it!<
    29. The fanny packs I had to cinch tight or they would fall down.
    30. I love the security of zippers as I don’t want any of my stuff to slip out while walking/running.
    31. I wear it slightly low on my waist and never realized I was wearing anything.
    32. There’s a bit more room, but I only carry exactly what I need.
    33. I FINALLY have a belt with a pouch large enough to handle my google Nexus 6 with a Speck case (with room to spare).
    34. Easy in and out, with a second (smaller) pouch for keys, etc.
    35. My phone doesn’t bounce around when jogging due to the adjustable waist belt.
    36. I would definitely recommend this pouch for anyone using a larger phone!<
    37. I have tried several others and while all were good belts, each one came up short.
    38. Yes, the fabric would stretch and the phone would fit, but getting it in and out wasn’t easy.
    39. I needed a pouch I could slip the phone in and out of easily.
    40. No more turning off or pausing apps accidentally while attempting to get the phone in the belt.
    41. Unfortunately, the black from the belt has been rubbing off on both my phone and my clothes.
    42. It holds my phone perfectly and still enough room for my gels and gummies.
    43. I wear it all day and don’t even notice that I have it on.
    Buy here $16.97

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