Capita X Spring Break Diamond Tail Snowboard 2017

Capita X Spring Break Diamond Tail Snowboard 2017 snowboards

The exclusive Capita X Springbreak Powder snowboards are reminiscent of the early days of snowboarding with their special shapes, but with the latest technologies from the Capita Mothership. In partnership with Corey Smith, Capita launches the Spring Break Powder line in 4 different lengths and shapes.

The Diamond Tail starts off with its 159cm and of course captivates instantly with its wide and long nose and a narrow, pointed tail. In combination with the somewhat thicker Surflite core made of balsa and poplar wood, the perfect board for snowy powder slopes with a buoyancy that even cope with the deepest powder is created. Particularly noteworthy features of the Spring Break Diamond Tail are the sidewalls made of bamboo wood and the Forged Carbon inserts, which make the snowboard even stronger and more responsive.

The noble wood design sets the whole thing on the crown! -Flex: 6/10

-Stance: Setback

-Inserts: 4x2 / stainless steel

-Sidewalls: Bamboo / ABS

-Construction: Surf Rocker Profile

-Of course, the Surf Rocker design compliments the powder overall concept and lies flat in the middle of the board right up to the outer points of the inserts and then goes up into a bent Rocker Nose and Tails.

The result is an incomparably surf-like float in deep snow.

-Core: Surflite Core

-This core was developed exclusively for the Spring Break Boards. The slightly thicker Surflite Core consists of a clever combination of balsa and poplar wood, which is very robust and creates an exceptional buoyancy.

-Fiberglass: Dynaweave Bi-Resin

-The Dynaweave construction has triaxial and biaxial fiberglass layers under the wood core.

-Base: Wax Infuseduro

-The sintered base is very fast, durable and the first choice for professionals worldwide. In the preparation of this base, high molecular weight polyethylenes were compressed by heat and high pressure. The result is a very good wax absorption, smooth sliding behavior and longevity.

-Topsheet -Base Graphics: Multitech Level 5 DeepSpace Silkscreen Topsheet with Custom Stained Black Cherry Veneer

-At Capita, special attention is paid to how the graphics come to the boards. Special printing methods for Topsheet and Base, guarantee an unrivaled resolution, as well as color intensity.

-Construction element: Forged Carbon Diamond Packs

-Together with the Union Binding Company, the Forged Carbon inlays were developed.

These are located on the Spring Break Snowboards in octagon shape around the insert area and thus increase the durability and ensure a faster power transmission. Average Width: Boardlength -28.20cm (159cm)

Note: The board has a Color Rotation Base (tread) and may differ from the illustration !! This means that the color arrangements on the tread can vary!

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