Coloud Colors Boom On Ear Headphone Black Red

Coloud Colors Boom On Ear Headphone Black Red

The boom headset by Coloud Colors gives you a unique sound experience and stylish design. Due to its light weight, it offers the highest wearing comfort and calls and listening to music become child's play.

The headphone has a remote control with microphone in the cable and also the new Zound Lasso on the plug, which prevents a knot of the cable during transport in the bag. Plug: 3.5 mm. Cable length: 1.2 m. The headphone is equipped with fat 40mm drivers which, like the KNOCK, have been improved since the last upgrade and now get the last out of your mp3 player / smartphone.

The cable is a novel ribbon cable and is "tangle-proof" and with the "Zound Lasso" you can easily roll it up and stow it away. Equipped with remote and microphone you can ideally control your smartphone (works with the most common smartphones).

-1x Print -Play / Pause or Speak / Hang up

-2x printing -next song

-3x Print -previous song

-With microphone and remote (works with most smartphones)

-40mm dynamic driver

-Sensitivity 100mV @ 1kHz = 101dB SPL

-Impendance 32 ohms

-Frequency range 20.0 ~ 20.0 kHz

-Weight 139 g

-"Zound Lasso" virtually no more tangling of the cable

-Remote control and micro to drive your calls over the headphone

-Newly developed plug, which can avoid cable breakage

-Long adjustable earcups

-Connection: 3.5mm stereo plug (fits in iPod, iPhone MP3 player)

Coloud Boom For Nokia Review

Review of the Coloud Boom for Nokia in matte red. I have the red one here, but it also comes in cyan or yellow to match Nokia's

Coloud 4090668 Boom On-Ear Headphone, Transition Black

Coloud 4090668 Boom On-Ear Headphone, Transition Black

  1. Outside noise stays out, thanks to the Boom's closed construction, while minimal parts means less weight on your head.
  2. The Boom's sturdy frame is crafted to withstand the pressures of everyday listening.
  3. The lasso plug, together with the flat cable protects against tangles for hassle-free support.
  4. I bought these to use w/ the in-flight entertainment systems on long flights.
  5. They are much more comfortable and deliver crisper, clearer sound.
  6. FYI some in-flight systems have a two plug input so an adapter/splitter would be good to pack as well.
  7. The quality versus price is pretty high, and if these fray or get lost, your heart won't break.
  8. This means they're great for workaday or commuter headphones.
  9. I didn't have trouble with the connector until after 2 years of solid use.
  10. The mic is pretty decent for phone calls on a noisy train.
  11. I'm on my second pair, and they serve a particular purpose - sanity headphones for heavy commuting and chucking in my backpack when I get to my desk.
  12. One weird thing, though, my kids have to constantly push down the 'talk' button to be able to hear their music as the foreground.
  13. For some reason if they do this, they can hear well, otherwise the background sounds of everything overtake the music.
  14. Not sure why it happens, and there were no instructions regarding something along those lines in the package.
  15. Target stopped selling them, and my first pair finally gave out after a year and a half of a lot of wear and tear in my big purse.
  16. I love that these never get tangled, and are great for people with small heads like me!<
  17. Wanted to keep them, but issues with my ears prevent an over the ear type headphone.

Buy here $18.95

Coloud 4090671 Boom On-Ear Headphone, Transition Purple

Coloud 4090671 Boom On-Ear Headphone, Transition Purple

  1. The lasso plug, together with the flat cable, protects against tangles for hassle-free support.
  2. One of my favorite features is the cable - it is a flat cable not like the rounded ones you see on other models.
  3. They are also comfortable and even I can wear them in a pinch though they really aren't my color.
  4. In an age of insanely priced beats and other fashion headphones these rugged headphones are perfect for someone looking for good quality at an affordable price.

Buy here $19.94

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