Converse Chuck Taylor HI Unisex Sneaker Port / Black

Converse Chuck Taylor HI Unisex Sneaker Port / Black Sneaker high

You are looking for an eye-catcher and want to pimp your outfit really cool? The All Star makes this possible.

The summer goes by gently and we welcome the golden autumn with a colorway in claret.

The high-heeled sneaker takes on the retro look and underlines the look of the classic shoe.

A stark contrast to the color is the white rubber sole.

These adorn two narrow accent stripes in black and the trademark logopatch on the top of the shoe. You can individually tie the sneaker thanks to an 8-hole lace system.

-Unisex sneaker

-Classic retro look

-Knochelhoher Schaft

-Rubberized toe cap

-8-hole line system

-Riveted Osen with flax

-Riveted air holes

-Profiled rubber sole

-Upper: leather

-Lining: Textile

-Sole: Synthetic

Brand: Converse

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi Top Sneaker

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi Top Sneaker

  1. Inside, there's a molded Lunarlon sock liner for comfort and it rocks a gusseted tongue for stability and strength.
  2. CONS suede upper provides durability, and CONS traction rubber ensures killer board feel.
  3. I already knew what to expect since I owned 11 pairs before ordering these.
  4. Nice thing is one pair of All Stars is going to fit like all others.
  5. This was the last color I needed to complete the rainbow of Chucks.
  6. My wife happened to buy a real pair of the same size and color (red) Compare the 2 below.
  7. Please note, the fakes didn’t even come in a box with Converse on the front as shown in the first picture.
  8. I've worn Converse shoes (ALMOST EXCLUSIVELY) for about fifteen years now, and I've come to accept some problems that these shoes tend to have.
  9. I actually believe it's common in a few weeks of use for the white rubber on standard Converse All-Stars to stain and yellow, and for the "ALL-STAR" logo on the back of the shoe to rub off.
  10. I ordered this particular pair of leather All-Stars because they looked cool, and I noticed that Casey Neistat had been wearing a similar pair in his daily vlogs.
  11. Since I normally wear standard black and white All-Stars, I figured this would be a good change.
  12. I had switched to low-tops a few years ago, so the hi-top style of these shoes took a little while to get used to, but it wasn't a problem.
  13. I really appreciated these shoes for the fact that the leather made them impossible to stain or tarnish without heavily abusing the shoes.
  14. I also loved the fact that the "ALL-STAR" logo on the back of the shoes isn't printed on, but it's actually stamped into the rubber.
  15. In other words - the black makes it really difficult to notice imperfections, and the leather makes these useful in rain.
  16. About six weeks into my daily use of these shoes, though, the sole began to split from the rest of the left shoe.
  17. I continued to wear them anyway, until this problem got out of control.
  18. Super glue provided a temporary fix to this problem, but now the split is at its worse.
  19. As much as I love these shoes, I doubt I'll be able to permanently repair them.
  20. I've recommended these shoes to hundreds of people that have noticed Casey Neistat's custom pair of Converse and have wanted something similar.
  21. As much as I would like to believe that my problem with these shoes was my own fault - I'm not sure that it's not a manufacturing defect.
  22. I used these shoes on stage while acting and while playing music with my band.
  23. Not really that much heavy use to fall apart in six weeks.
  24. I wear women's size 7 so I ordered a size 4 because it's unisex.
  25. I bought this pair of Monochrome Blck All-Star Hi-Tops because it is my favorite style and my current pair was getting worn.
  26. When the new pair arrived I took them out of the box and placed them in my closet to be ready when the older pair was completely done.
  27. Well, the new pair had sat in my closet for about three weeks until today when I finally needed to wear them and to my dismay I discovered that they were the worst pair of Comverse I had ever seen.
  28. I wish I had inspected them better prior to trusting this seller and having thrown away the box so that I could return them.
  29. When I attempted to lace up and wear these shoes they felt oddly uncomfortable on my feet as if they were not the correct size and then I noticed the laces were at least 6 inches shorter than the standard All-Star Hi-Top laces.
  30. As I neared the top eyelets of the shoes one of the metal rings that surround the eyelets completely fell apart and off of the shoe.
  31. That when I took the shoes off and began inspecting them thoroughly.
  32. It is than that I noticed excessive glue at every seam as if the shoes were sloppily put together, the rubber emblem patch on the side of the shoe was incorrect and poorly seen on.
  33. I started comparing the new shoes to my older pair and not even the insole was correct, it was a completely different color, the new insole was black and the old was white.
  34. The actual bottom sole of the shoes were completely different as well with the original and authentic pair displaying the shoe size and the counterfeit pair not.
  35. I compared the model numbers of the shoes and they were the only thing that matched but the labels that they were printed on were completely different as well, not only were they different but they were both manufactured in completely different countries.
  36. The labels on the heel of the shoes were also completely different.
  37. I was ripped-off and will only be ordering my converse from Converse's website directly from here on out.
  38. The room was not large enough to make the shoes look like I had clown feet, it was just a little room for growth.

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Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers (Black Monochrome)

Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneakers (Black Monochrome)

  1. I bought some Shwings to make them unique and I couldn’t be happier!<

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