Craft Be Active Multi Set Men’s Functional Shawl Black

Craft Be Active Multi Set Mens Functional Shawl Black function washing

Here comes an absolute classic from Craft, which is an integral part of winter sports.

The black wash set for men consists of a long-sleeved shirt and a long pair of underpants and comes in classic black.

Although the soft material is made of functional polyester, it almost feels like cotton.

The Be Active Set by Craft keeps you warm and dry and wicks moisture away from your skin.
-Functional Wash Set
-Long sleeve shirt and long pants
-Very good moisture management
-Keep dry and warm.
-Soft material, cotton-like handle
-Loose fit
-Adapts to the movement
-40 degree wash
-Material: 100% polyester

Brand: Craft

Распаковка Розетка Комплект мужского термобелья Craft Active Multi Set Man

Распаковка от Розетки – Комплект мужского термобелья Craft Active Multi Set Man Ссылка:

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Beamo Flying Hoop (30-Inch, Assorted Colors)

Toysmith Get Outside GO! Beamo Flying Hoop (30-Inch, Assorted Colors)
  1. The hoop’s soft foam ring and spandex sleeve is both safe to use and durable, designed to stand up under hours of intense play.
  2. The Beamo Flying Hoop helps develop hand-eye coordination and keeps kids on the move.
  3. Challenge your children’s imaginations and keep them active with Toysmith.
  4. Committed to providing the most imaginative toys along with the highest safety standards, Toysmith has toys appropriate for all age groups.
  5. Since 1981, they have supplied a wide variety of quality toys and gifts from categories including active play, science and discovery, arts and crafts, impulse and novelty toys, as well as nostalgic retro classics.
  6. Focused on kids and customers, you can trust Toysmith to deliver a fun experience that will help children grow.
  7. Suitable for outdoor play, these lightweight hoops glide up to 100 feet and help keep kids on the move while developing hand-eye coordination.
  8. Its lightweight structure is made from soft foam that’s covered with a durable spandex sleeve, so it’s super easy to throw and incredibly easy to catch.
  9. All feature the same soft, durable design that’s perfect for introducing children to flying toys.
  10. This lightweight hoop is fun to use and can fly for more than 100 feet.
  11. The hoop’s soft foam ring and spandex sleeve is both safe to use and durable, designed to stand up under hours of intense play.
  12. The Beamo Flying Hoop helps develop hand-eye coordination and keeps kids on the move.
  13. The extra size does not translate into better flight ability or more fun, but rather just makes it more awkward to throw and it just lumbers along.
  14. Go for the 20-inch if you want to actually run around and have fun throwing these, especially with younger kids.
  15. This one is an adequate replacement and better than I had expected.
  16. The edge is beefier foam vs the thin plastic tube in the Whoosh.
  17. And the internal ring is given structure by a spandex band that also feels thicker than the Whoosh’s.
  18. I would say this will likely hold up better than the Whoosh in the long run, so that’s a good selling point.
  19. So while I’ll miss the Whoosh (no longer available anywhere) this will make me miss it much less than I had anticipated as we’ll be having fun with this Frisbee.
  20. It’s nice and soft and very lightweight, so they even throw it to the “little kids” and there is no worry about injury.
  21. My video of the first time they played, so their throws aren’t super accurate.
  22. The center hole gives even more options for them to catch it, and the stretchy spandex material means my 5-year-old is not jamming his fingers trying to catch this.
  23. You wouldn’t want to try to play Ultimate with it, but it’s stable and nice for a casual game of catch.
  24. P.S.: the center hole is apparently just smaller than the circumference of my brother’s head.
  25. An inexpensive way for adults and kids to connect and have some outdoor fun.
  26. So much more fun than traditional frisbee, no one gets their hands hurt, and less intimidating to catch for little kids.
  27. We brought 2 on our vacation and it slid nicely into the suitcase we lugged on the plane.
  28. The only thing is I could see the fabric getting worn down if you drop it a lot on concrete or black top.
  29. We always talked about getting a giant frisbee as teens, but never got around to it.
  30. So this was a nod to our procrastination all those years ago.
  31. He called me up ecstatic as soon as it arrived and reported it was the most fun he’d had in a while.
  32. He likes throwing it to his German Shepard, who is super gentle, but still this means that the Beamo can withstand exposure to big dogs.
  33. A few weeks ago when I visited him, we had a catch and it lived up to my brother’s praise.
  34. We’re both experienced with heavy Ultimate-grade frisbees and frolf disks, so it took some adjustment to be able to throw this thing.
  35. It performs well with tricks like hammer throws and throwing around your back, and these can be done safely (without breaking anyone’s face).
  36. While this is basically a toy for kids, don’t let anyone tell you that a 275 lb military musclehead can’t have fun with it too.
  37. I can also imagine that it’d be a lot safer to use in public parks or beaches (where college hippies often mess around with plastic disks and accidentally ruin picnics with bad throws).
  38. It is snapped in two without a hope of being taped together.
  39. My older son (13) said he would like me to buy another one.
  40. I am a single income Mama that really wanted this out door fun to last.
  41. It was a gift for our eight year old son last Christmas and since then we’ve had many a “Beamo” competition with everyone in our family from our preschool age daughter to more “senior” grandmas and grandpas.
  42. It is light weight, easy to throw in the van and has withstood constant use over the last six months.
  43. Oh and did I mention we have four rough and tumble kids?
  44. And a neighborhood full of friends who have also had fun with it.
  45. If the Beamo can survive that and still look the same as the day we opened it, then I am happy to give a five star review!<
  46. The outer ring isn’t a hard as a frisbee, but is pretty durable.
  47. We have made our own point value with how to catch the Beamo.
  48. Recommend for anyone of any age who likes to get outside.
  49. But sadly summer is over now and it’s getting chilly to play outdoors!<
Buy here $21.39

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