Craft Be Active Multi Set Women’s Functional Shawl Black

Craft Be Active Multi Set Womens Functional Shawl Black function washing

The underwear set in black for athletes who like to push their limits: this is the Craft Be Active Multiset consisting of Crewneck Longsleeveshirt and long underpants.

The casual fit provides plenty of freedom of movement and makes the functional wash perfect for all sports in the temperature range between cool and cold.

The Craft Be Active Ski underwear removes excessive sweat moisture, allowing it to evaporate on the surface. So keep Be Active dry and warm and you can fully concentrate on your athletic performance.

-Ladies Functional Wash Set

-Long pants longsleeve

-Crew neck

-Very good moisture management

-For medium to cool temperatures

-Cotton-like grip

-Comfortable fit

-Material: 100% polyester

-Double-lapel knit with capillary trap

-Washable at 40 ° C

Brand: Craft

Craft Mens Ct023 Active Run Safety Vest

Craft Mens Ct023 Active Run Safety Vest

    Buy here $32.06

    Craft Men's Intensity Jacket

    Craft Men's Intensity Jacket

    1. Otherwise a decent thin jacket for layering when skiing.
    2. The exception is that the sizing ran small, so small it wasn’t even close.
    3. First thing you notice about Craft Mens Intensity Windproof jacket is just how nice the material feels.
    4. Although the jacket is basically polyester (it actually gives you a breakdown on what materials parts of the jacket are made of on the inside label, for example, Shell fabric 1 face 100% polyester.
    5. Shell fabric 1 back, 100% polyurethane etc.) it is nice and soft and almost feels like micro-fiber.
    6. The jacket, although stated to be gravel in color is slightly more blue than a dark grey I would associate with gravel.
    7. It is accented with a black top/shoulder area and red collar on the inside (black if you turn the collar up).
    8. It has the standard two fairly deep pockets, one on each side but surprisingly no inside pocket at all.
    9. The sleeves are elasticated which is just as well as they are actually quite tight even though I would say I have just average arms.
    10. There is a drawstring on the bottom should you feel that the jacket is too loose at the bottom, but as with the sleeves, it is fairly much form fitting for the average person.
    11. Craft are touting this as a high visibility jacket and to that end there are a few high visibility reflective strips on the jacket.
    12. One on the back, one on each pocket and a couple of small stripes on the front of the shoulder area.
    13. These do indeed work but seem more like accents for the jacket rather than a true high visibility item.
    14. Put it this way, I would not wear just this jacket whilst riding a bike at night as I don't think there is enough high visibility material coverage for that.
    15. The jacket, as with virtually everything nowadays, is made in China and Craft are the official supplier of Ski Jackets, like this one, to the US Olympic ski team.
    16. The weakest part of the jacket to my mind is the front zipper.
    17. First off, the zipper itself is actually very small and something you would find hard to zip up whilst wearing gloves.
    18. Also, since getting this jacket a couple of weeks ago, I've had the zipper unhook itself twice leaving me to fight with the zipper to get it re-seated properly.
    19. I don't know why, but for whatever reason, I was expecting more of a windbreaker than a true jacket - and this is definitely not just a windbreaker.
    20. Although it's lightweight and nicely form fitting, it is definitely much warmer than my regular windbreaker.
    21. On the night that this arrived, it was pretty windy and sprinkling, so I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to check it out.
    22. I'm wearing it right now as I write this, and it isn't too warm sitting here in the A/C :), but I knew that I'd be hot while out walking around in the humidity.
    23. So, while perhaps not a great summertime storm jacket, it is well suited for cool Fall days or even colder days if you're exercising.
    24. I particularly like how well it fits and how lightweight it is, especially given the nice warmth to it.
    25. This will be just a great jacket for me to wear while out walking with the pooch this Fall.
    26. I like that the two exterior pockets are fully zippered, and they are perfectly placed for me to put my hands into.
    27. The one thing that I wish it had was an interior pocket or two, though.
    28. I'm a little surprised that it has not internal storage at all.
    29. Not a deal breaker by any means, but I do like having someplace to put things inside of a jacket.
    30. I have the Gravel/Black/Drama color, and while the bulk of the jacket looks gray to me in the product photos, it actually looks more like a deep blue to me in person.
    31. Might be my eyes playing tricks on me, but I happen to like it quite a bit.
    32. Nice and form fitting, and I truly think it be comfortably warm as the year goes on.
    33. I'll be sure to update my review if I find out otherwise, but if I don't, that just means that it worked out great.
    34. Firstly, Craft is a well known brand for ski equipment.
    35. This is a windbreaker jacket that is meant to go over long sleeves underneath.
    36. You can wear another jacket over this, though it's meant as being the outer shell for your ski gear.
    37. The sleeves fit fine (and could easily fit for a 36") however the chest and stomach were too 'form-fitting'.
    38. Since I plan to wear this over some thin long-sleeve undershirts, it left me a bit more constrained then I wanted.
    39. This being said, this jacket fits a bit smaller than normal.
    40. The inside is lined with mesh and the outer is a soft material that is not waterproof.
    41. It works well for the wind however it is definitely not to keep you warm.
    42. Going further, it keeps the wind off but does not help insulate cold temperatures, so it is not meant as a main jacket.
    43. There is a cinch at the bottom to keep it tight to your body.
    44. Overall, this is a very well made wind jacket that is for slim fit body types.
    45. Even though it uses the word "ski" in the title of the jacket but you could definitely wear it for other situations.
    46. Thinner and lighter than anticipated, but very comfortable.

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