Cresta Heart Rate Watch. Waterproof

Cresta Heart Rate Watch

Heart Rate Monitor Features:
Wireless ECG nauwkeurig.Compatable with cardio-fitness apparatuur.Comfortabele and lightweight chest strap to 30 meters waterbestendig.Actuele hartslagweergave.Automatisch adjustable trainingszone.Handmatig adjustable trainingszone.Optisch / audible warning at trainingszone.Tijd bottom, on and above target zone.Zonepointer.Fitheidsindicator.Gemiddelde heart rate over training. Maximum heart rate of training. % Of maximum heart rate on the training.Herstel heartbeat, at the end of recovery timer.Calorieverbruik.Calorieverbruik alarm ( adjustable) % fat burning.

Watch features:
Time, date and calendar dag.alarmfunctie.Automatische 50 jaar.Stopwatch.Trainingsprogramma – countdown timer (adjustable per minute).Recovery timer.Verlichting.
Battery saving mode ( after 5 minutes of no heart rate reception ) battery in transmitter is easy self vervangen.Zwakke battery indicator.
Bike mount.Complete borstband.Nederlandstalige manual.

chest strap

Waterproof up 30 m
Supported number of batteries / batteries 2
Battery type / battery CR 2032
Number of training profiles 5
Automatic adjustable training zone YES
Battery (chest strap) CR2032 3V
Battery ( watch) CR2032 3V
Calculation of percentage fat combustion 0-99%
Calculation of calories burned YES
Calculates the average heart rate over training YES
Calculates the maximum heart rate of training YES
Chest strap YES
Display – unity Metric or Imperial system
Heartbeat 30-240 beats / min
Heart rate alarm YES
Heart rate monitor YES

User's Feedback:

  1. I am a beginning runner and this is really a good heart rate monitor. you do have to make the tire wet and then he picks up fine. You have to take the time to read the description but for this money it really is a great purchase. Very pleased.

  2. This heart rate monitor Cresta totally does not work. Only after 10 to 15 minutes after the start of your training, he begins to register. Increased heart rate The information relating to sex, weight and the like disappeared. Set also are always I have the heart rate monitor weeks ago sent to Customer Service Cresta and not heard from them. Not only the heart rate, but also the customer service is worthless. Especially do not buy!.

  3. The watch does what it can be. Expected of The censor has to be moistened before use, but continue to work excellent. Great choice for such a price.

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