Cresta Pedometers Spx390. Display LCD

Cresta Pedometers SPX390

- Switch between walking and running.

Cresta Pedometer

Battery Type Li -Ion CR2032
Number of batteries supported 1
Color Blue, Grey
Data 5 people
Memory 7 days
Memory work schedule 7 days of total work schedule
Meet Distance, time, calories and body fat percentage
Sensor Sensitivity adjustable
Kind Pedometer
Clock function YES
Built-in rangefinder YES
Memory function YES
Pedo Meter type Electronically
Factory warranty 24
Exchange warranty YES

User's Feedback:

  1. Fast accurate delivery
    Product.goede good quality price.

  2. Commissioned by my specialist, I had 15,000 daily steps forward and Cresta Pedometer Tyoe SPX – 390 is particularly suited to this. Not that I sit on the 15 000, but on my way.
    Very happy about that easy to use product.

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