Dakine Accessory Case Pencil Case 8260005 Meadow

Dakine Accessory Case Pencil Case 8260005 Meadow

The Dakine Accessory Case comes in light gray and is turkis checkered.

The classic Schlampermappchen with storage space for pens and Co. also houses other things such as cosmetics, jewelry and accessories.

-Material: 100% polyester

-Embroidered Dakine logo

-Main compartment with zipper

-Carrying strap

-Weight: about 60 grams

-Dimensions: 20cm x 8cm x 6cm.

-Volume: 0.5 liters

Brand: Dakine

Dakine School Case Backpack

Dakine School Case Backpack

  1. This durable case has a secure zip closure to keep everything safely inside, and it is lined in nylon to withstand the abuse from bouncing around inside your backpack.
  2. Inside the case are a convenient pencil organizer and an internal zip pocket so you're able to get to your school essentials quickly.
  3. It also features a Dakine logo on the side that matches the two-toned color scheme, which will either inspire brilliance or doodles.
  4. Water Resistant Collapsible Rucksack for Travel and Sports.

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