Dakine Campus Backpack 33 Liter Copper

Dakine Campus Backpack 33 Liter Copper school Backpacks

The copper-colored Campus 33 by Dakine shines with great features. So you have the opportunity to sublet your 15 inch notebook in the specially provided compartment.

Additional zipper and mesh pockets provide the necessary overview and your snacks stay fresh thanks to the insulated cooler compartment.

A large school backpack in the trend color copper with jerk-sparing elements and plenty of storage space.

A must-have for your school days.
-Volume: 33 liters.
-2 large main compartment with 2-way zipper
-1 padded laptop compartment up to 15 inches
-Organizer bag with internal zipper pocket
-Fleece-lined sunglasses bag
-2 side mesh pockets
-Cooling compartment with insulation
-Ergonomically shaped
-EVA-lined risers
-Adjustable chest strap
-Carrying handle
-Label embroidery and patch
-Measurements: 51cm x 33cm x 23cm
-Weight: 0.8 kg
-Material: 100% polyester

Brand: Dakine

Dakine Campus Laptop Backpack

Dakine Campus Laptop Backpack
  1. Specific pockets for your laptop, electronics and music, the Campus keeps your essentials easily accessible and well protected.
  2. The front pocket is an expandable cooler that would fit a sandwich, drink and fruit.
  3. There are outside mesh pockets for the water bottles and a top zipper pocket that is felt lined for sunglasses.
  4. The color is also a nice shade of blue and is calming to the eye.
  5. Since I bought it over a year ago and have used almost everyday, it still looks brand new!
  6. There are so many different pockets which is really convenient if you like to organize your things.
  7. I use this as a college student and have seen a lot of other people around campus also using Dakine backpacks, so it must be a good choice!
  8. The straps are comfortable, really supportive, and the pockets on the side easily fit a large water bottle.
  9. There is also a sleeve inside to fit a laptop, and it protects my 15 inch Macbook with plenty of room.
  10. You can really cram a lot of stuff in here as it will hold several textbooks, notebooks, a lunch bag, whatever you could imagine.
  11. I’m really impressed with how much this backpack holds and how long it’s lasted!<
  12. Front cooler pocket is great for packing your lunch for work, or drinks for a day at a theme park.
  13. This didn’t seem like a bad idea until the first time I washed the bag and the cords unraveled to the base.
  14. I wrote to Dakine admitting fault and asking if they could help, and they repaired it for me (with shorter cords!).
  15. That was really nice of them, and it made my very pretty and durable backpack useable again.
  16. Its gray palette reminded me of a classy, stainless steel, like the band of a high-end watch.
  17. But realistically, it has to handle a very heavy load on a daily basis, and fortunately, it does.
  18. The back pocket can take reasonably anything, or in my case: a laptop, 2 5 Subject Notebooks, 3 folders and my gym clothes.
  19. The same goes for the other pockets, each offering a spacious experience for any writing utensil.
  20. And it’s no back-breaker, I’ve had this thing on walking the track for hours, and only noticed I had it on when I was halfway through.
  21. It’s been 2 months now since I’ve introduced it to my busy college lifestyle, and I’m pleased to say that I am more than satisfied with my purchase.
  22. So satisfied in fact, that I placed it back on my Wishlist in case I ever misplace it

  23. It is very rare that I take the time out of my day to convince people that a backpack is phenomenal, but here we are.
  24. Just needed a new pack because my old one was falling apart.
  25. The color scheme looks very good with the color contrast between the pack and the zipper outlines.
  26. It’s very comfortable to wear, the straps are wide and the shape of it behind the neck area feels like the weight gets distributed evenly across the shoulders.
  27. Liters, it has a lot of room inside the pack for the price it’s selling for.
  28. Cooling pocket is awesome to hold items that need to stay cool for a while.
  29. While the back pack does have 33 Liters of space, the shape of the pack is long vertically, so you won’t actually be able to fit many books inside.
  30. Attaching picture with average sized textbooks to show what I’m talking about)
  31. Only 3 other pockets beside the main one to store other items.
  32. One of the pockets being the cooling pocket and the other is one for sunglasses.
  33. The next largest pocket intended for pens and other small equipment is too small to store anything other than those items.
  34. The inside lining feels really thin and lowers my confidence in being able to keep this item for a long time.
  35. The pouch to hold a laptop is small, makes inserting a laptop a tight fit.
  36. Also, the cushioning around the laptop area is almost nonexistent, so you’ll have to be careful if you keep a tablet in there or a thin laptop.
  37. Summary: I really wanted to like this backpack but the design of the Dakine packs having it’s main compartment having excess vertical space makes it feel like it was intentionally done to increase the volume of the pack.
  38. This backpack would be better suited as a day pack for hikes or other small trips.
  39. The name “Campus” implies that it was made for a college student though, which this pack wouldn’t really be good for someone who’s a full-time student.
  40. If you’re a part-time student and only carry a few items, this backpack still isn’t really that good as you’re paying more money for the excess volume you’ll never use.
  41. Organizer pocket, insulated pocket for snacks, and a fleece lined sunglass pocket?!
  42. Very lightweight but the fabric is sturdy and the part that hits your back is padded.
  43. The sides expand and you could easily pack for several days if you pack well.
  44. Double check the size, as it’s tough to shove under an airplane seat, if it’s full.
  45. So far the bag has survived a teenage boy for 2 years of high school and no issues with zippers or fabric in any way.
  46. He needed a backpack that would carry the chrome books his school supplies.
Buy here $29.00 – $72.94

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