Dakine Classic Hip Pack Bag Goldendale Gurteltaschen

The DAKINE belt bag in the colorway "Goldendale" offers you thanks to two zipper compartment the possibility always to have your most important things always with you and to sort.

The adjustable hoist strap can be individually adapted to your body shape and closed with a click closure.

-Main compartment with zipper

-Narrow front compartment with zipper

-Adjustable hoist strap with buckle

-Embroidered Dakine logo on the front

-Measurements (in cm): 23 x 15 x 8

-Weight: approx. 0.4 kg

-Material: 600D polyester

-Material composition: 95% polyester, 5% PVC

Brand: Dakine

Dakine Classic Hip Pack

Dakine Classic Hip Pack

  1. It fits my ziplock baggy of treats, poop bags, my phone, headphones, mace (you never know) and my house key with a little room to spare.
  2. The second (bottom) zipper is the smallest section and literally only holds my house key, kind of pointless, but no biggie.
  3. Does not fit a water bottle (the short water bottles might fit, but I haven't tried yet but nothing else will probably fit in there).
  4. Not only does it work for walking, but I use it for running too, when it is positioned on your back it doesn't bounce much.
  5. All I have to do is grab it and go, I know everything I need is always in it!<
  6. Lastly, I not only wear it around my waist, but if I loosen it all the way it can be slung around my shoulder like a crossover purse!
  7. I needed something that was low profile and had a strong buckle with plenty of adjustment and this does the job.
  8. So far, I don't have any cons for this thing, other than the fact that the zippers are a light metal so they clink around a lot.
  9. UPDATE: 4 years later, and I'm still using this, love it and it works great.
  10. I still use it for the same things, while riding my motorcycle.
  11. The thing I like about this pack is the large buckle, it's very sturdy and holds well.
  12. The amount of stuff that I need to carry (sunglasses clip on case, eye glass case, wallet, car keys, cell phone, change, blue tooth cell phone ear piece, pen, etc.
  13. One is only able to carry a few times such as keys, loose money, a few credit cars and loose change and not much else.
  14. One is full and in the rear and one is half way up and in the front.
  15. I am able to get my wallet, cellphone and gym id tag in the rear pocket.
  16. I feel so much more secure knowing while I work out if my locker is broken into I am carrying the critically important possessions around my waist.
  17. The construction speaks to the quality of this fanny pack.
  18. And I LOVE the big strap that goes around the waist because it makes it much more comfortable for fatties like me.
  19. My concerns were how large it would be and how bulky it would appear on my person.
  20. If you're not looking for something huge but not too tiny.
  21. Love the crazy pattern and very happy with my fanny pack!<

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