Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag 175cm Bag -Fieldcamo

Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag 175cm Bag  Fieldcamo

In the DAKINE transport bag you get two boards with a length of 175cm, a pair of shoes with binding safely stowed.

The water-repellent material protects against moisture and soft padding before knocking and scratches. In a small compartment on the front fit in addition to petties and gloves and keys.

The "low scooter" in a trendy camouflage look has sturdy urethane wheels with which you are flexible and quiet.

-Snowboard Transsport Bag

-Boardlength 175cm

-Place for boots, bindings and 2 boards

-Small exterior compartment

-Textile loop

-Continuous zipper

-Upholstered exterior walls

-Water Repellent Material

-Polyurethane rolls

-Measure (in cm): 30 x 15 x 188

-Weight: 5.0kg

-Material: 100% polyester

Brand: Dakine

Dakine Low Roller Snoboard Bag

Dakine Low Roller Snoboard Bag

  1. High-Medium Density Foam and Deep Tissue Massage Stick Used for Myofascial Release.
  2. With 360-degree padding, it comfortably holds one board (or two boards with bindings removed), outerwear, and a removable boot bag in the main compartment.
  3. The exterior zippered accessory pocket stows essential items close at hand, keeping your entire kit secure and in one place.
  4. The handle pairs with a rolling luggage bag, for easy one-handed towing, while heavy-duty urethane wheels glide easily through airport terminals and parking lots.
  5. Details: Holds 2 boards (1 with bindings mounted), 1pr boots and outerwear, 360 degree padded board protection, end handle pairs with rolling luggage for one-handed operation, removable boot bag, 10 YKK lockable main zipper, durable, over-sized 9cm urethane wheels, exterior zippered pocket, packs down tight for easy storage.
  6. Fits his board, boots, helmet, goggles, gloves, and ski clothes all within this bag, so I wouldn't waste money on an additional boot bag if you were thinking of getting one.
  7. As a man of modern fashion and taste, he appreciated the design.
  8. It is a little less padded than I anticipated but I am not familiar with snowboard bags, so I am not sure if it is more or less than other bags.
  9. Plenty of space to store board, bindings, boots, clothing, helmet, gloves, etc.
  10. Found a small hole though after first use, it's the size of a pea though.
  11. I also like being able to strap it to my suitcase by the handle so it's consolidated.
  12. Looks good, plenty of space, quality is great, wheels looks sturdy, you can fold it for storage.
  13. I got all my gear and boots into it with room for clothes and food as well.
  14. Solid zippers, a bag to keep boots off clean clothes, and a small extra pocket.
  15. Sturdy and large capacity - easily fits 2 boards, 2 sets of bindings, and 2 pairs of boots.
  16. I travel at least once per month to snowboard, and I fit two snowboards in this bag EASILY.
  17. The pattern is unique enough that it's super easy to spot as well.
  18. The bag did leak a little bit of water through the seams, but I sprayed flex seal along the seams.
  19. Fits 2 snowboards pretty easily though you won't have a lot of leftover space for your boots.
  20. Only complaint is that the green doesn't look great after airport handling grease.

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