Dakine Micro Lock -Green

Dakine Micro Lock  Green

Compact three-digit combination lock with individually adjustable code and 76cm long, retractable chain.
-Individually adjustable, three-part numerical code
-76cm long chain
-Size approx: 8 x 6 cm

Demo On Locking Snowboards,Twin Tips And Fat Skis

How to lock TWO Snowboards, Twin Tips and Wider Skis (fats)

DAKINE Micro Lock

DAKINE Micro Lock
  1. It won’t stop a pair of bolt cutters, but it provides an effective deterrent against board theft in public places.
  2. I take this on my longer bike rides so that if I have to pop into a gas station or something I can lock up my bike and just deter opportunistic thieves.
  3. Anyone with a set of wire cutters could steal the bike within moments but if you are just leaving it unattended for very short periods of time and don’t want to carry around a heavier, bulkier lock then this is a good way to go.
  4. Fits in any pocket and you probably won’t even notice it’s there.
  5. Easily locks one set of skis, but I’ve managed to 2 skis with it as well (just loop through one ski binding of each set, and a pole)
    – Wire doesn’t look super strong, but the point of this is to deter people from even bothering – so it does that job well enough.
  6. I am sure someone could break this lock if they really wanted my skis, but point of this lock for me is adding a hassle factor for someone to steal.
  7. It can be simply pulled off with very little effort at all.
  8. The locking latch part is just plastic – and cheap plastic at that.
  9. I was shocked to watch some kids just pull this lock right off the rack without any tools at all.
  10. I most definitely won’t be buying another Dakine product.
  11. I would recommend this, unless you ski or snowboard at a place where theft is rampant.
  12. If someone has a hammer or flat screw driver and intent to steal, they MAY be able to get through this lock.
  13. But I use it and trust it, feels like it would at least slow down a thief.
  14. I don’t even notice it’s in there while I’m sending it.
  15. Someone that wants your board, this is not going to stop them.
  16. Use when I leave my bike on the back rack of my car for stop at grocery store.
Buy here $23.78

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-digit Combination Lock with 3 Feet Retractable Cable for Bike, Ski, Snowboard and Stroller

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-digit Combination Lock with 3 Feet Retractable Cable for Bike, Ski, Snowboard and Stroller
  1. The 3/32 inch (dia) x 3 feet (L) vinyl coated cable gives extra cut resistance.
  2. It provides higher security level than cheap padlocks in the market.
  3. The included setup guide instructs the procedure to change the code.
  4. Ideal for different occasion
    Bosvision combination retractable cable padlock is ideal to secure skis, bikes, buggies, pushchairs, strollers and other items together or to a secure fixture.
  5. It is small and light weight and when it works, is easy to use.
  6. We were able to reset the combination on the first lock with no problems and it has worked properly.
  7. During the initial reset of the second lock we must have done something wrong without realizing it.
  8. The lock is locked and the combination is not set to either all 0000 or our desired combination.
  9. We didn’t even use the lock once and the mistake was much too easy to make.
  10. We thought we followed the exact same procedure for the two locks.
  11. I really don’t want it to fail and not open while my teen is at ski club and I’m irritated that the second lock is useless.
  12. Anyone know how to reset without knowing what random combination it set itself to?<
  13. I feel a little more secure with this cable lock securing my things.
  14. Doesn’t have an alarm but is a good deterrent for petty thieves but a good pair of bolt cutters will cut it, though I have not seen many people carrying bolt cutters around in airports and other public places lately!
  15. I recommend this item to anyone wanting more security when traveling, etc.
  16. Nothing super high security, as probably with enough force someone could break the main housing since it’s plastic, but that would bring a lot of attention and still require a good amount of effort.
  17. Not a big deal for me, since I got this as a simple deterrent mostly for long bus/trains and hostels without lockers.
  18. May also use on the beach to tie to a tree if going solo.
  19. Easy to lock/unlock, small, light, perfect for traveling.
  20. Buttons don’t push easily and the cable won’t come out and it cannot be reset.
  21. Manufacturer needs to revise directions and improve the locking design.
  22. Tried to return this worthless product only to find out it is non-returnable.
  23. I tried to change the combination and it didn’t work so now I have the lock in place and can’t get it unlocked.
  24. Extremely disappointed especially since I’ve missed the window to return so now I’ve wasted my money for nothing.
  25. I was used to other simpler locks that would simply keep the combination they were on when the cable head is inserted, then I apparently messed up while setting this one and now all I can do is throw it out.
  26. Now it won’t unlock using either the new combination or the factory one.
  27. I’m about to go on a long trip where I’ll need to lock my luggage down pretty often so it’s good I found out before leaving.
  28. Still, this product is a major disappointment and I highly recommend you look elsewhere.
  29. Even when working, these locks provide almost no security.
  30. I purchased two and was disappointed when they arrived.
  31. Ignore the people that can’t follow simple instructions …
  32. Ignore the people that can’t follow simple instructions – use the buttons correctly and it resets with ease!<
  33. But it will keep someone making a grab and dash if you’re attached to something sturdy.
Buy here $13.99

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