Dakine Soho Money Market Rhapsody

Dakine Soho money market Rhapsody Purses

The brand new 2015 Dakine Soho Wallet convinces not only in the design but also by its practical division of the individual Facher.Ohne problems, you can safely stash your cards, coins and bills.

-Appealing and high quality optics

-Trendy design

-Weight approx. 150 grams

-Very light

-8 x EC Card / Credit Card Slot

-Snap fastener

-1 x bills compartment

-Zippered Munzfach

-Material: 100% polyester

-Very durable and robust material

-Exterior dimensions: approx. 12cm x 9.5cm x 2cm

-4 x plug-in compartment in the zipped compartment

-View window on the outside for identity card


-Due to the processing of the products with a continuously patterned fabric, differences in color may occur for each product.

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