Dakine Split Roller 100 Liter Trunks -Tradewinds

Dakine Split Roller 100 Liter Trunks  Tradewinds

With the Dakine Split Roller, you’ll already dream of packing your suitcase to your next holiday destination.

The spacious trolley with 100 liter capacity stows safely and arranged all your clothes.

Folded in two halves and underlaid by separating nets, no socks disappear in the sinking and leave beauty items no longer fly across the case.

What a dream! The telescopic handle and 3 external carrying straps ensure easy handling. Reinforced floor with attached Standfu? keep your new soft case in the vertical and additionally prevents the damage of your belongings.

Whether winter holidays in snowy forests or Bruzeln in the Mediterranean sun -with the Dakine Split Roller suitcase you get anywhere on the target without suffering losses. In addition, the striking look always ensures that he is quickly recognized on the luggage rack at the airport.
-Volume: 100 liters.
-Measurements: 81cm x 43cm x 33cm
-3 carrying handles
-1 telescopic telescopic pole
-Continuous 2-way RV outside
-Lockable main lock by lock
-Can be opened in 2 spacious, padded sides
-Top with 3 RV-Gepackfacher and internal Steckfachern
-Bottom 1 spacious compartment
-Meshes with net with zipper
-Lower part with double-layered zip pocket
-1 zippered bag on theOutside
-2 compression straps outside
-Stable rolling system with quiet polyurethane rollers
-Strengthened floor including stand? and Corner Shelters
-Transparent address pocket on the bottom
-Embroidered logo Labelpatch
-Material: 100% polyester
-Weight: 5 kg

DAKINE Split Roller 85L

DAKINE Split Roller 85L
  1. Each luggage bag is made from strong 600D polyester and has a reinforced and retractable handle.
  2. ENGINEERED FOR ORGANIZATION: Split-level design means easy access and organization of clothing and travel necessities.
  3. Includes mesh dividers to organize travel supplies & an interior compartment to keep dirty clothes or ski/snowboard boots separate.
  4. STABLE AND EASY TO MOVE: The Dakine Split-Wing Collapsible Brace (patent pending) provides great stability and folds flat for storage.
  5. The strong yet replaceable urethane wheels ensure ease of mobility on any road surface.
  6. SAFE AND SECURE: The mesh dividers provide a secure, tucked-away ID pocket for added security.
  7. The main compartment zippers are durable #10 lockable YKK zippers, ensuring the safety of everything inside.
  8. AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: The 85L has 4,000 cubic inches of storage space, measures 30 x 14 x 13, and weighs 10 lbs.
  9. The 110L bag includes 6,000 cubic inches of storage space, measures 32 x 17 x 13, and weighs only 11 lbs.
  10. LIFETIME WARRANTY: All Dakine split roller travel bags include a limited lifetime warranty.
  11. The Dakine Split Roller luggage bag uniquely infuses durability, functionality, and style.
  12. Available in two sizes and multiple design and color patterns, the Split Roller travel bag allows you to pack everything you need for an extended trip and keep it organized.
  13. It is easy to use, incredibly stylish, made from high-grade materials, professionally assembled, and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.
  14. The split design of the individual top and bottom compartments allows for easy access and detailed organization.
  15. In fact, the interior compartment allows you to separate dirty clothes or ski/snowboard boots from clean clothing.
  16. The ease of rolling is enhanced thanks to strong yet replaceable urethane wheels.
  17. Additionally, this travel bag is simple to pull because of its reinforced and retractable handle.
  18. Dakine Split Roller luggage is available as two unique models: the 85L and the 110L.
  19. The compact and lightweight 85L has 4,000 cubic inches (85 liters) of storage space, measures 30” x 14” x 13″” (76 x 36 x 33 cm) and weighs only 10 lbs.
  20. Our 110L travel bag includes 6,000 cubic inches of storage space (110 liters), measures 32” x 17” x 13″” (81 x 43 x 33 cm), and weighs 11 lbs.
  21. Each size is available in multiple colors, patterns, and stylish designs, allowing you to select an option customized for your taste and travel needs.
  22. The suitcases that I currently have get pretty beat up and don’t last as long as I hope for them to (currently have Swissgear 29″ spinner.) After 1 year of travel, my Swissgear has a broken zipper and the logo popped off.
  23. I know that this is because of how the airline handling, but I want something to be able to stand up to this.
  24. The bag has the ability to be more sturdy or more flexible with the split wing collapsible brace.
  25. I also love how much less space this bag takes when it isn’t in use.
  26. You can unfold the brace, zip the bag up, and basically fold the bag into itself so it can fit into a closet easier.
  27. The retractable handle is perfect when walking through the airport, and the three flexible ones on the front and top of the bag are great.
  28. I live in a two story house so I like how I can grab one of the handles on the front and throw it over my shoulder to walk up the stairs, instead of Swissgear where you only have the option of a side handle and a top handle.
  29. I also really like the different sections of the bag to help organize your goods.
  30. At the end of my travels, I use the bottom most inner section to put in dirty clothes and zip it up to keep them from touching anything else, and it also holds in the stink 😉 I also like how the other two sections have mesh so you can easily see into the bag, but it still holds you stuff and keeps it from falling out.
  31. The pouches on the front of the bag are great for stuffing anything extra too.
  32. They are so unique so you won’t have any trouble identifying your bag at an airport.
  33. And if you did have problems, they have a nice slot on the side for an ID card.
  34. I personally think that the color shown in the images are a little brighter than the bag in person, but the solstice color is still gorgeous.
  35. I think that the last picture I have shared with the closeup of the Dakine logo shows the true color of the bag.
  36. Personally I don’t like the pink zippers and clips, but that’s just me, and it doesn’t stop me from using or choosing the bag.
  37. I love the fact that you can pack things on both sides of the case.
  38. It makes it a lot easier to be able to see what is in it and access clothes/items on either side of the case.
  39. It makes it very easy for trips so that you don’t have to completely tear apart your suitcase to find something.
  40. I love the divided right side so that you can separate stuff if you want.
  41. I use that side for toiletries, shoes and other accessories.
  42. It’s great that you can zip everything into the suitcase so that you can also pack stuff in the middle that you may need quick access too while traveling.
  43. I also love the straps because I’ve had suitcases break before and had my stuff fall out.
  44. I don’t use the front pockets too often, unless I forgot to pack something in the main part of the suitcase.
  45. All of the handles around the bag make it easy to maneuver when packing it into a car or when the airport takes it.
  46. It wheels easily and doesn’t feel heavy even when full.
  47. I love that it comes in colors instead of the usual colors of luggage (black, blue, red, etc.) It makes it stand out when picking it up at baggage claim.
  48. I have this in the bigger 100L size but wanted something a little smaller for trips that are too long for just a carry-but not quite long enough for the 100L suitcase.
  49. Wheels roll smoothly (even whilst stuffed full of bunch of heavy crap).
  50. Nice pockets inside & out to keep all your junk organized, the bag collapses nicely to store away when not in use, and expands when you need the extra space.
  51. I bought the duffel before this roller and broke a plastic clasp on the shoulder strap (my fault).
  52. I emailed their customer service department to see if they could just send me the plastic clasp (I was willing to pay for it), and instead they custom made the whole entire padded strap-as they no longer had the same Carbon fabric.
  53. They didn’t have to go all out like that, but they did.
  54. And they let in contact with me throughout the process just to kee me up to speed-so I never felt like they forgot about me.
  55. This exceptional service in conjunction with a great product-has made me a customer for life.
  56. Ripstop, sturdy wheels, handles right where I think I’ll be needing them.
  57. And I must say this bag is all that Dakine says it is, and it’s all that us reviewers say it is too.
  58. If I were to make a luggage, I could only hope it would have this much quality.
  59. Needs a wide surface to load and unload as the bag clam shells open.
  60. My girlfriend bought one about a year ago during a ski trip and was ideal for separating ski clothes and boots from the rest of her things.
Buy here $200.23 – $279.85

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