Dakine Ventilator Glove Cycling Gloves -Charcoal

Dakine Ventilator Glove Cycling Gloves  Charcoal gloves

Dakine's gray touch screen compatible Ventilator Glove is a protective cycling glove that features 3 mm thick gel padding on the heel of the hand and protects against falling hands.

The air-permeable silicone ensures a comfortable fit! You'll be amazed!.

-Cycling Gloves

-Material: 40% polyester, 34% polyamide, 16% polyurethane, 8% elastane, 2% rubber

-Material Handprints: Breathable 4-Way Stretch Nylon

-Material palm: silicone mesh (seamless)

-3mm thick gel pad pads

-Microfleece thumb material for nose / glasses

-Touchscreen compatible

-Fingertips coated with silicone

-Velcro on the wrist

-Permeable to air

-Weight: 570 grams

Brand: Dakine

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Dakine Ventilator Gloves - 2016

Dakine Ventilator Gloves - 2016

  1. Vented silicone mesh palm increases airflow and handlebar control, plus its lightweight, 4-way stretch releases hot air to prevent overheating and gives a minimal feel on the back of the hand.
  2. If these hold true to the first pair I owned, I expect they'll have pulled apart by the end of summer.

Buy here $20.97 - $58.81

DAKINE Ventilator Glove - Men's

DAKINE Ventilator Glove - Men's

  1. In fact, the only place that the Ventilator isn't perforated is the microfleece thumb panel -- and even it's optimized to wick and breathe.
  2. The Ventilator is made with a four-way stretch nylon mesh back that allows air to flow freely through the glove.
  3. The palm is a vented silicone mesh that lets cool air enter and hot air escape.
  4. The Ventilator is touch-screen compatible, which means you can use your phone or MP3 player without removing gloves.
  5. Closure is taken care of by a hook-and-loop tab at the wrist.
  6. The Dakine Ventilator Gloves come in four sizes: Small through X-Large.
  7. I'm not sure how long they will last due to lightweight material and design but they are so damn comfortable.
  8. The length and shape of the fingers all fit well and don't leave you webbed like a duck or extra material in the fingertips.
  9. Very comfortable, velcro closer very good and holds them closed all the time.
  10. Only negative is I would like to see thumb area where I shift gears to have a double layer as it does where out at the seam for me but this is after a very long time using the gloves.
  11. I just bought 2 more pairs of these gloves replacing my old ones because I lost the first 2 pairs.
  12. Excellent product so I hope they keep making this model.
  13. For as light weight as they are they are still pretty warm.
  14. And even though they are full-fingered glvoes, my hands have not yet felt to hot.
  15. The seam between my right middle and index finger started to split only after three rides.
  16. I anticipate that these will be worn out by the end of the year.
  17. If you are looking for longevity, you may want to select a sturdier pair.
  18. However they ripped the first time I made contact with the ground.
  19. They are not sturdy at all and I do not see them making it past one season of hard riding.
  20. I've washed tham a couple of times and they've held up well without shrinking.
  21. After couple of times they have started to tear at seams.

Buy here $11.99 - $56.68

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