Deuter ACT Lite 35 10 SL Trekking Backpack Petrol / Mint

Deuter ACT Lite 35 10 SL Trekking Backpack Petrol / Mint

Deuter offers you the ACT Lite 35 -10 SL a very lightweight women’s trekking backpack of the highest class.

He has been traveling the world for years and has proven to be a reliable partner in climbing and hiking.

With numerous adjustable straps, it can be perfectly adjusted to your size and thus helps you to distribute the weight of the luggage.

The SL Women’s Fit System is a fit that fits women perfectly.

That a narrower and shorter jerk than conventional Deuter models.
-Weight: 1580 g
-Volume: 35 liters.
-Measurements: 70/27/22 (H x W x D) cm
-Chest strap
-Anatomically cut shoulder straps
-Padded hoof fins
-Bag for valuables
-Wet washing compartment
-Aircontact System
-SOS label
-Elastic side pocket
-Adjustable lid
-Compatible with 3 liter hydration system

Brand: Deuter

Deuter ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL Ultralight Trekking Backpack

Deuter ACT Lite 35 + 10 SL Ultralight Trekking Backpack
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    Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SLWomen’s Hiking Backpack

    Deuter ACT Lite 60+10 SLWomen's Hiking Backpack
    1. I had a hard time finding the right backpack for me, but this was it.
    2. I initially was looking at Osprey packs in the 60-70L range, but trying them on at REI, none of them fit me quite right.
    3. I was beginning to get discouraged after trying several Osprey, REI, and Gregory packs – none were “the one”.
    4. I’m pretty tall and slim so it was hard to find one that fit both length-wise and width-wise.
    5. If it was long enough, the waistband didn’t fit, and if the waistband fit the length was too short.
    6. Theres tons of adjustments you can make as well, since it’s a one-size fits all.
    7. I also love the extra 10L extensibility/ability to close out the bottom into its own compartment.
    8. I’ve taken this on several backpacking trips now and it’s awesome.
    9. It’s not quite carry on size for traveling unfortunately.
    10. I will note though the important of trying on packs before purchasing them!!
    11. I almost bought an osprey pack assuming it would fit due to the measurements, and I’m so glad I went and tried them on first.
    12. Would recommend going to a store and trying on the pack (with weights added) before purchasing one.
    13. We have two of these packs The harness is so easily adjustable that all three of them share the two packs as all three rarely backpack together.
    14. Both by daughters plan on using them on the John Muir Trail later this month.
    15. The adjustable straps really help to customize your pack to your back.
    16. The top has a small packet I put money, keys, map and compass in.
    17. She originally tried on a bunch of backpacks at REI and then gave me a list of the ones she liked.
    18. After reading other reviews and product specs, this one seemed to be the best for her.
    19. She’s about 5’4, 115lbs and the backpack really fits her nicely.
    20. There are lots of places to hook things onto and she’s says it’s very comfortable also!
    21. It came with a bonus flower hair band so who can’t be happy!<
    22. Also, while the pack is hydration compatible, it does not include a bladder.
    23. This pack has a very deep and wide interior pocket which would easily accommodate bladders of various brands and sizes.
    24. It also has a Velcro hang loop for a bladder, but the Velcro isn’t terribly strong.
    25. Fit: Although this product description indicates that this is a unisex pack, for those not familiar with Deuter, the “SL” (Slim Line) is actually designed for women.
    26. The shoulder yoke is narrower, the shoulder strap padding is not as wide, and the hip belt is angled more for a woman’s hips.
    27. That’s not to say that men couldn’t wear it, but there’s that tidbit of info.
    28. It is my opinion that those people with an even shorter torso length than mine, just may run out of adjustment points on this particular pack.
    29. Also of note, by using the bottom adjustments, this means the top of the pack may rise above your head; so that’s something to think about if you travel in areas with low hanging limbs or when passing through rock formations.
    30. The pack has two sets of buckles for attaching the load lifter straps which makes it nice to fine tune the fit for people of different torso lengths.
    31. There is ample padding along the back, hips and straps, although I would have liked a little wider padding at the tapered end of the straps because I’m chesty.
    32. I find I have to nudge the narrow ends over a bit to keep them from digging in.
    33. Overall I found the pack comfortable and I don’t get any sore spots.
    34. Capacity: I prefer to keep most everything I carry inside my pack, and this bag offers plenty of room for me to do that.
    35. Although there are plenty of handy gear loops on the bag for those who like to lash things on.
    36. The floating lid is easily adjustable over the 10 liter expansion collar.
    37. I especially love the extra roomy sleeping bag compartment on this pack, it could easily fit a bulky bag, but I can fit my 45 degree bag, air mat, pillow, clothes sack, and a couple other small items in there.
    38. The zippered interior divider is handy for customizing storage space for your needs.
    39. I can easily fit my base weight gear (about 18 lbs.) and still have plenty of room for several days of food, fuel and water.
    40. Wore it on a 4-day, 70km backpacking trip with very few problems.
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