Deuter Alpamayo 50 10 SL Trekking Backpack Emerald / Titan

Deuter Alpamayo 50 10 SL trekking backpack Emerald / Titan

We also have the new Alpamayo from Deuter for the ladies. In the volume size 50 -10 SL this trekking backpack is especially suitable for longer tours.

With this women-specific alpine backpack you get some features that make your next outdoor stay even more beautiful.

And what is particularly important in the foreground, the superior quality that Deuter has known for decades.

To make the backpack exactly yours, you can pretty much adjust everything about it, be it the height of the lid or the very practical lap belt. And especially useful with this model is the SL-Fit.

The extra fit designed for women makes it a little slimmer and more comfortable to wear than the unisex models.
-Weight: 1900 g
-Volume: 50 -10 liters.
-Size: 65/34/16 (H x W x D) cm
-Outer pockets: 4
-Inside pocket: 1
-Features -SL-Fit: female specific back length
-Lap belt: for perfect fixation of the backpack
-Bottom compartment: separate bottom compartment for loading with e.g. Shoes
-Height-adjustable lid: convenient storage compartment extension. T -Front opening with round bow closure: allows quick access to the baggage
-Vari Quick System: thanks to this feature, the backpack can be perfectly adapted to the back length
-Air Technology: Let your back breathe a word of mouth

Brand: Deuter

Deuter Aircontact Lite 50+10

Deuter Aircontact Lite 50+10
  1. Accommodating internal and external pockets and loops keep your cargo organized and easy to grab.
  2. Whether on urban escapades or excursions into the great outdoors, the Aircontact Lite is the high-performance, super-versatile solution for any adventure.
Buy here $199.95

Deuter ACT Lite 50+10 Hiking Backpack

Deuter ACT Lite 50+10 Hiking Backpack
  1. Every Deuter product tells a story and we are committed to the elements of those stories reflecting our dedication to sustainability, longevity, functionality, and family.
  2. We are beyond proud to partner with the Fair Wear Foundation who supports our commitment to higher work and supply chain conditions and bluesign® who eliminates harmful substances throughout the manufacturing process by controlling standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production.
  3. Special attention to ergonomics warrants a body hugging and precise fit with optimized load transfer to the hips to relieve the back and shoulders.
  4. Pull forward construction at the shoulders and hips creates precision load control and specialized layers of hollow chamber foam technology ventilate by pumping warmth and moisture away from the body with every move.
  5. The flexible volume allows for convenient accommodation of food, water or even souvenirs along the way and essentially creates two different pack sizes in one.
  6. I purchased a Fox 30 for my son and he loves that pack as well.
  7. You can adjust to you easy and leave behind some straps and canopy to loose weight on the pack.
  8. Enough room for all my gear and food for five days easily (with a 34 ounce tent) very happy.
  9. To let you know I hike with my nine year old which has the deuter fox 30 kids.
  10. Bit I haul the tent and duo sleeping bag this pack can handle it with major comfort.
  11. Plenty of room for 1-5 nights (if you have the right gear).
  12. I needed a bigger bag for overnight mountaineering trips as well as a new backpacking bag.
Buy here $130.26

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