Deuter Alpamayo 60 10 Trekking Backpack Fire / Titan

Deuter Alpamayo 60 10 Trekking Backpack Fire / Titan

Friends of the alpine hiking tours beware.

With the Alpamayo we have a reliable companion for you. Its volume of 60 liters is perfect for multi-day tours in the high mountains.

Thanks to its adjustment possibilities, the volume can even be extended by 10 liters.

For decades, Deuter has been one of the leading brands in the field of backpacks and outdoor equipment.

And you will notice this experience in many innovations and the attention to detail, which you will notice on the backpacks of Deuter guaranteed. One of these innovations is the Vari Quick System, this feature helps you to adjust the backpack perfectly to your appropriate back length.

-Weight: 2000 g

-Volume: 60 -10 liters

-Size: 86/25/28 (H x W x D) cm

-Outer pockets: 4

-Inside pocket: 1

-Features -Lap belt: for perfect fixation of the backpack

-Bottom compartment: separate bottom compartment for loading with e.g. Shoes

-Height-adjustable lid: convenient storage compartment extension. T -Front opening with round bow closure: allows quick access to the baggage

-Vari Quick System: thanks to this feature, the backpack can be perfectly adapted to the back length

-Air Technology: Let your back breathe a word of mouth

Brand: Deuter

Deuter Traveller 60+10 SL

Deuter Traveller 60+10 SL

  1. The large zipped volume expansion bellows are perfect for additional space needs.
  2. The zip cover for the back straps made it perfect for checking as a piece of luggage without worrying about the straps getting destroyed.
  3. The compartments had more than enough room for a week's worth of clothing, plus my camera gear in their respective cases.
  4. The removable pack was great for walking around during the day.
  5. The fit, specifically designed for women's figures, is hard to beat.
  6. The frame is well designed to support the weight so even when the pack is fully packed, it is not a burden to carry.
  7. The daypack is extremely high quality as well, and can even fit my mac book air!<
  8. The moment I pulled it out of the box my housemate said it is the nicest pack she has ever seen, and I agree.
  9. I was really sick of my top-loading backpack, so I made sure to get one with front panel access, and this thing has amazing organization qualities.
  10. Have not used it yet, but taking it to Maui next month and I can't wait to put it to use, I know it will hold up great.
  11. I live in Hawaii so this backpack ill get lots of love and use.

Buy here $289.00

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