Deuter Climber Alpine Backpack Turquoise / Granite

Deuter Climber Alpine Backpack Turquoise / Granite

The Deuter Climber children's backpack in the alpine style of the great.

The functions were taken over by the Guide Lite. Specially adapted for school-age children, this rugged backpack with the Alpine Back carry system is perfect for ski tours, climbing or via ferrata.

The Alpine System combines a firm, secure fit with the highest level of comfort and a pleasant ventilation between the two Softstripe back cushions.

This mountain backpack is expandable at any time with an extra 2 liter hydration system.

-Kids Backpack

-Weight: 770 g

-Volume: 22 liters.

-Size: 52/27/20 (H x W x D) cm

-Material: 60% Polyester / 40% Nylon

-Pimple holder

-Wet washing compartment

-Alpine System

-Compatible with 2.0 liter hydration system

-Valuables compartment

-Chest strap

-Padded hoist strap

-Hiking stick attachment

Deuter Climber Kid's Hiking Backpack

Deuter Climber Kid's Hiking Backpack

  1. This mini alpine pack is robust, comfortable and can be used for ski touring, climbing, or taking on day hikes up high.
  2. With many integrated features from Deuter’s Guide Lite series, this pack is a great go-to for long days on the trail.
  3. Every Deuter product tells a story, and Deuter is committed to the elements of those stories reflecting their dedication to sustainability, longevity, functionality, and family.
  4. Deuter is beyond proud to partner with the Fair Wear Foundation who supports their commitment to higher work and supply chain conditions and Bluesign who eliminates harmful substances throughout the manufacturing process by controlling standards for an eco concious and safe production.
  5. Hip belt not ultra-padded but with a light load sufficient to transfer most of weight to his hips.
  6. Torso length not adjustable, but load lifters on shoulder straps did work well to vary weight on shoulders.
  7. He loved having a technical pack that looked similar to my pack.
  8. I packed on 6 days worth of clothing plus 2 pair of shoes and a bag with toiletries in it.
  9. It's light, and she was able to carry this on her own, fully packed.

Buy here $69.95

Deuter Gravity Haul 50 Climbing Pack

Deuter Gravity Haul 50 Climbing Pack

  1. This pack is extremely rugged and includes enough room for all of your heavy climbing equipment with a back system that's comfortable enough to make you forget just how much you've packed into it.
  2. The Gravity Haul is waterproof and extremely durable, so you can stay focused on your route.
  3. From the crag to extreme alpine environments the Gravity series delivers on the collaborative efforts of Deuter’s team of expedition professionals and mountain athletes bringing together a history rich in passion for the mountains and the new adaptability of athleticisim in climbing.
  4. Gravity series packs are designed for both durability and versatility.
  5. Flexible and ergonomic frames, removable pivoting hip belts and waist straps, ski, ice axe, and pole attachment points, gear loops and easy access interior compartments are just some of the amenities found throughout the gravity series.
  6. Deuter back systems are designed to lighten loads through innovative ventilation and stabilization features that keep the load close to the body and reduce perspiration by 15-25%.
  7. Special attention to ergonomics warrants a body hugging and precise fit with optimized load transfer to the hips to relieve the back and shoulders.

Buy here $94.48

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