Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Ski Backpack Blackberry / Arctic

Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Ski Backpack Blackberry / Arctic

With the SL variant of the freeride, women now also have the pleasure of having a backpack that turns out to be a reliable and practical companion at the latest after the first descent.

The Deuter brand offers with the special SL-Fit a backpack that is exactly adapted to the anatomical needs.

Then there is the Vari Flex system and finished is the perfect comfort. But what makes the freerider so special is the numerous storage options available for your Alpine winter gear. In addition to a helmet holder and an easy-to-reach ski goggle compartment, the freerider has the opportunity to stow your snowboard or your skis.

The extra 28 liters of volume also make it very comfortable for all the other things you need.
-Ladies Model
-Volume: 28 liters.
-Material: 40% polyester, 60% polyamide
-Weight: 1680 g
-Dimensions: 54 x 30 x 22 (HxWxD) cm
-Features -SL-Fit: female specific back length
-Alpine System
-Vari Flex System
-Ski goggle compartment
-Padded hoist strap
-Removable seat mat
-Zipper access on jerking
-Attachment loops for helmet holders
-Holder for pimples or sticks -SOS label
-Ventilation foam printing
-Valuables compartment
-Snowboard / Ski Mount
-Compatible with 3.0-liter hydration system
-Delrin U-Frame
-Adjustable chest strap
-Shovel pocket

Brand: Deuter

Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Backpack

Deuter Freerider Pro 28 SL Backpack
  1. They feature a full back opening to access the main compartment without having to unfasten skis or snowboard, a safety pocket, pivoting hipbelt, and extreme durability.
  2. I was looking for a rather big backpack I could not only use for outdoor activities, but also for carrying my electronics around the city, as well as my commute to work on the bike.
  3. After looking at quite a few bags, mostly by Osprey, I fell in love with this one.
  4. Despite all its features and the many straps and attachments, the look of this backpack feels less sporty and outdoorsy to me than many others.
  5. I like the low profile of the black backpack with few light details (deuter logos, blue zipper on top and in the back) and it sits on my back quite comfortably even when heavy.
  6. Whenever I checkout backpacks (and bags in general) I find it amusing that they come with tons of specific features, but do not really supply a manual explaining which strap is supposed to do what.
  7. It takes quite a good deal of guesswork as to what serves which purpose.
  8. This bag has two main compartments, with the bigger one having two ways of accessing it – through the top zipper and through a zipper around the back straps in the back.
  9. Before the second zipper can be opened, the two buckles at the shoulder straps have to be opened, but then, the back access makes organizing the main compartment quite easy.
  10. The front compartment has several inner pockets that can be accessed through separate zippers.
  11. There is certainly no shortage of organizational structure in this bag.
  12. At the top, the blue zipper opens the goggle compartment, which is lined with a very soft fabric.
  13. When filling too much stuff in the google compartment, the space in the top of the main compartment is limited, so it’s mainly useful for smaller items.
  14. The outer pockets are made from a stretchy material and I find them surprisingly useful for carrying bottles, flip flops and other similar-sized items.
  15. I usually don’t like carrying my water bottle on the outside, but in this backpack, the bottle is secured by the stretchy pocket, the lower strap (with the deuter logo) and another strap on the top that can be adjusted to the size of the pocket content.
  16. The hip fin has a small pocket that fits my phone (it may not fit one of the very large smartphones) and my keys.
  17. The hip fin can actually be removed and reattached by loosening a few straps and pulling out the entire fin from the backpack, which I find practical.
  18. When I received the pack, I immediately removed the reinforcing foam mat from the back.
  19. I could not feel any difference with or without the mat even when fully loaded.
  20. I know it is supposed to double as an insulating seat cushion but I do not see myself ever using it as such.
  21. The helmet carrying net is a nice idea, but for my purposes (biking), I cannot imagine that it would be practical to have the helmet attached to the back of the backpack since it would end up quite bulky.
  22. Maybe for hiking or outdoor activities, the helmet net makes sense.
  23. After carrying the pack for a while, I also cut off a strap that comes out from the side at the top (I actually only noticed it after a couple of weeks and am still not convinced as to what it was supposed to do) and I also cut the long loop of fabric from the front zippered compartment that holds long items such as an ice pick in place.
  24. I do not expect I will need this loop and it was quite in the way.
  25. The carrying straps on the bottom can be rolled up when not in use and stored under the front panel, which makes the pack look more tidy.
  26. My only complaint is that the bag is quite heavy even when empty.
  27. It is very sturdy, but would have been even nice if it had been built a little lighter.
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