Deuter Spectro AC 28 SL

spectro ac 28 sl

SL Deuter Spectro

The Spectro models Deuter backpacks are the favorite for walkers with sporting ambitions who want to be nimble on the go and want to take them for comfort and firmness. No distance The special feature of the Spectro models is that they only lose weight, but retain the typical Deuter attributes: ventilation around, an excellent fit, durable and sturdy. This is made possible by the new Aircomfort FlexLite system, with its highly flexible construction with two frames and are efficient ventilation on three sides. Lightweight materials, hip fins with ventilation holes, sophisticated equipment and a clean design make these wonderful companions for one or two day trips off. This backpack for sporty women is also a spacious and stretch front, anatomically contoured, perforated shoulder straps, a lid pocket, an ice ax and walking stick holder, two elastic side pockets, a convenient front opening, an SOS label and a hydration system holder.

Brand Name: Deuter

SL Deuter Spectro

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