Deuter Speed ​​Lite 20 Bike Backpack Black / Granite

Deuter Speed ​​Lite 20 Bike Backpack Black / Granite

The Speed ​​Lite 20 from the quality factory Deuter is not a bicycle backpack in the classic sense, but the Speed ​​Lite is an absolute all-rounder due to its numerous features.

Thanks to its slim shape, it can also be used for running or climbing.

With a practical ski mount, this backpack is also a great companion for skiing and ski touring.

The Ventilationsschaumrucken helps with improved air circulation to prevent sweating on the back.

The Speed ​​Lite is always expandable with an extra 2 or 3 liter hydration system.

-Bike Backpack

-Weight: 530 g

-Volume: 20 liters

-Measure: 48/26/18 (H x W x D) cm

-Front pocket

-Ski mount

-Detachable hoist belt

-Ventilation foam printing

-Valuables compartment

-Outer ash tt> -Compatible with 2 or 3 liter hydration system

-3M reflectors

-Delrin U-Frame

Deuter Speed Lite 20 Hiking Pack

Deuter Speed Lite 20 Hiking Pack

  1. Whether you're using it for adventure racing, alpine sport-climbing, short ski tours, or for a summit push on longer trekking tours, this pack is lightweight, versatile and has a sleek silhouette that makes fast packing a breeze.
  2. With a 20-liter capacity that can comfortably carry up to 12 lbs (5.4kg), you can keep your most essential items on hand.
  3. Flexible and ergonomic frames, removable pivoting hip belts and waist straps, ski, ice axe, and pole attachment points, gear loops and easy access interior compartments are just some of the amenities found throughout.
  4. Intended to provide lightweight yet stable balance in extreme alpine environments these packs deliver on the collaborative efforts of Deuter’s team of expedition professionals and mountain athletes bringing together a history rich in passion for the mountains and the new adaptability of athleticisim in climbing.
  5. Deuter’s alpine and lite back systems are designed to keep the load close to the body and preserve flexibility through innovative ventilation and stabilization features while special attention to ergonomics warrants a body hugging and precise fit with optimized load transfer to the hips.
  6. The result is a pack that maximizes your strength in the mountains and reduces perspiration by 15%.
  7. A great feature is the ability to remove the internal flexible frame so you can roll it up and stuff it into another bag.
  8. Granted this bag might seem a bit spendy for what it is, but it's got great design, construction and materials - and you can get it cheaper elsewhere by waiting for 20% off sales.
  9. Now, like I said, this isn't a full-on camera bag but I use it as one for little outings when I have just the DSLR body and a lens or two.
  10. Some people have criticized the front pocket as being hard to get stuff in to - that's true ...
  11. That and the reversible straps are my favorite features of the bag.
  12. Thread it through the compression loops and under the reflective tab at the bottom, the spare can even tuck into the loop pocket.
  13. After about 2 minutes of work it looks like the attached pic.
  14. I am 5' 6", not short for a woman by any means, and this backpack is at least 3" too long for me to run with.
  15. It's even a little too long for me to hike with comfortably.
  16. I have to yank it so high that the straps are rubbing the back sides of my neck where they join the backpack, and yet the bottom still doesn't sit against my back and instead hits my butt.
  17. I'm hoping it will soften up with time and work as a hiking backpack, but it has no hope of fitting me as a running backpack.
  18. I've run home from work (11 and a half miles) with this thing and it keeps everything tight against me and easy to run with.
  19. Just make sure you know how the use the straps properly (if the pack feels too loose and moves around when you're running, you're doing it wrong).
  20. It is actually just barely big enough for a little back or sidecountry snowboarding.
  21. Can fit avy beacon, Probe, shovel with room for other necessities.
  22. This little deuter could hold what I needed to go out the gates for a little sidecountry instead.
  23. The only thing I ask for improvements would be a system for insulated hydration tube slot in a shoulder strap and maybe some shock cord on the back.
  24. It holds my hammock, poncho, snacks, water bladder/bottle, kindle, fishing tackle, bugspray, sunblock, sunglasses, etc in the pockets, and I often strap a towel or fishing rods to the outside by using the full length of the straps to go across the entire pack.
  25. It handles weight well especially considering its light frame.
  26. I love Deuter packs, anyway, and this one is no exception.
  27. There's a pack for every occasion, and this pack has a special place in my collection.
  28. I'm very happy with the weight, quality, and price of this Deuter!<
  29. I have packed it with what my wife & I need for day tours.
  30. It seems to ride well I took hip strap off & so far haven't needed sternum strap.
  31. There are a lot of straps hanging around for compression in bag that's the only negative I have ; but if want to tie something on outside pack would be handy.
  32. My 13" Dell fits into computor/hydration bladder slot just fine.
  33. Can't get very many clothes in it but would work if checked luggage.
  34. With new luggage rules talking about 20"x13.5"x7 may be the only way to go.
  35. In fact, I wore it to the airport and forgot it was even there.
  36. The TSA agent had to stop me and tell me to take it off before I went through security.
  37. I like the water bottle holders and the small pocket at the top.
  38. It is extremely functional and well thought out design.
  39. It has a little zippered compartment on top for keys, wallet or phone.
  40. But the Deuter Speed Lite 20 has more room than I expected and fits well, as promised it is very light.

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