Dickies 873 Work Pant Slim Straight Men’s Pants Aged Brick

Dickies 873 Work Pant Slim Straight Mens Pants Aged Brick pants

The classic Work Pant by Dickies comes in a slim straight fit, so slim cut.

With the bow fold the Dickies 873 trousers are a classic with style.

Two side pockets and two side pockets make the Work Pant casual and functional.

The Dickies Work Pant was originally invented as workwear and today it is also very popular in streetwear.

The heavy fabric withstands all hardships and always looks good thanks to its crease-free design.

-Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

-Cut: Slim Straight Fit

-2 side pockets

-2 side pockets (left with button closure)

-Waistband with belt loops

-Zip-Fly with hook closure

-Simple label details

-High quality processed

Brand: Dickies

Dickies Mens Slim-Straight Fit Work Pant

Dickies Mens Slim-Straight Fit Work Pant

  1. They also seem a little bit baggier, but that could be due to material bunching.
  2. The 34x32 on the other hand when pulled up all the way are a littler short after being washed a couple times.
  3. I give them the stars I give them though, because they hold up really well and are comfortable compared to other pants.
  4. My other black pair are wearing in the thighs, but these so far this brown pair is as good as new.
  5. I was wearing before and these are slimmer then the Dickies I was wearing 15 years ago, they still are a bit looser.
  6. The trade off is not "incredible hulking" and crotching out pants.
  7. Not perfect, but for the price and durability they keep me covered and not pants shopping all the time for disposable garbage.
  8. He has plenty of jeans and I thought he could use some 'dressier' work pants for something like retail.
  9. After reading the reviews I bought a 34/32; he's a 33//31.
  10. They are not loose pants--the picture is somewhat misleading, but they're not "skinny" either.
  11. I see Dickies does make a skinny, BTW.) I grabbed these at around 17 bucks in the navy which is not as dark as the picture.
  12. The khaki-like color is twice the price for some reason; while I'd like to get those as well I can't justify paying that much.
  13. Now let's hope he gets a job or he'll be carrying these in a bandana on a stick which the fabric content would easily withstand.
  14. Wash alone or with like colored and material-ed products, other wise they attract unseemly lint balls that a lint roller just cant get rid of (never wash with towels) other then that, im happy!<
  15. They have a super nice feel to the fabric and wash up beautifully.
  16. They are comfortable through out the day, and don't rub, like some new pants can.
  17. You know the ones - they can stand up in the corner all day long, by them selves.
  18. Got sent the wrong color (was a mix up in the posting).
  19. So I contacted the Outfitters company by email and they were great in shipping me the right color.
  20. I'll be getting another pair in a few months and will get it from them.
  21. I thought that if I purchase another pair of black ones in a size 31, it would be perfect but it was not to be.
  22. It felt more like a size 32 and since I already washed it, I guess I'm stuck with it.
  23. Fit was as expected but I ended up not preferring them to my standard Dickies in the where they sit on your hips, the tightness in legs and the limited room for your man cargo.
  24. Quality was otherwise as expected and these pants have, in general, great value for the price.
  25. I would recommend buying original pant because the only difference is more crotch space in the regulars.
  26. I wear 29x30 pants and, the pants i wear everyday seemed much longer than these pants, because i would find that as i was walking the pants would come up about 2 inches above my ankle, making it seem as if i had bought undersized pants.

Buy here $21.99 - $89.52

Dickies 873 Work Pant - Black Slim Leg Work Trousers Mens Slim Fit Work Pants

Dickies 873 Work Pant - Black Slim Leg Work Trousers Mens Slim Fit Work Pants

    Buy here $59.99

    Stevie Perez Dickies 873 Slim Straight Work Pant


    Dickies Product Feature # 3 Featuring Stevie Perez wearing the 873 Slim Straight Work Pant Get Them Here: https://www.dickies.com

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