Dickies Bessemer Brown Duck Cap

Dickies Bessemer Brown Duck Cap caps

The light brown cap by Dickies looks very simple and simple at first glance. If you turn the Basic, you will see a motif on the underside of the shield.

A very special highlight, which gives the cap that certain something and makes you a trendsetter.

The simple design is completed by a logo patch and the sophisticated sign.

A light brown Basic, which should not be missing in your cap collection.

-Unisex Cap

-Color: Brown Duck

-Unit size

-Snapback closure

-Dickies logo patch

-Material: 100% cotton

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Dickies The Classic Backpack

Dickies The Classic Backpack

  1. I would not recommend it for children or school purposes, but it's great for carrying beach or pool things.
  2. I do not have high expectations for it's durability due to the softness of the material and the fact that it doesn't have any reinforcement on the bottom -- any dragging on the ground looks liable to put a hole in it.
  3. So, good marks for form, not so good marks for function.
  4. It probably wouldn't have been great for undergrad, but now that I work full time and attend school it helps hold all the junk I need to bring to work for a normal day as well as for my classes.
  5. Pocket is nice, but doesn't have side pockets for drinks.
  6. The fabric feels strong and the zippers are secure and sturdy!
  7. My daughter insisted on keeping this bag because she loved the style even though I thought it was too small.
  8. She uses a 3" binder and we have to really squeeze in her other books!
  9. It's roomy enough for all of her middle school books, binders and whatnot.
  10. Only complaint is that one of the large pocket zipper pulls broke off within 2 weeks.
  11. We added a keyring to it which works, but I'm a bit disappointed the zipper didn't hold off.
  12. She says maybe it's just her, but I suspect it's just not fitting her small-framed body the same as some might.
  13. But it does hold a giant notebook and plenty of other stuff.
  14. The color is more on the faded red side but it looks very nice.
  15. I knew it was going to be smaller than a regular backpack but I wasnt expecting this size.
  16. Still a great size since im only using it for work bec I don't like purses.
  17. It's decent and cute, I gave it to my sister for Christmas to use as an every day bag, sort of like a purse.
  18. I got the bright pink (it's just like they describe it) and she loved it!<
  19. My only critique would be, a side pocket for water bottles would be nice.
  20. I connected it and pressed the hdmi option and that was it.
  21. Just have to hold on to the bag and see how it will be in a few months of use.
  22. Will try to repair myself since it's out of return window, but very disappointed.

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