Dickies Twill Work Short Black

Dickies Twill Work Short Black shorts

The Dickies Work Short is a classic working trouser for the warm days.

The sturdy material and useful details have over time made the Work Short well-established in the streetwear industry. In black it fits any outfit and accompanies you stylish through the summer.

With typical bow fold, loose fit and belt loops, the shorts make it clear that she’s the little brother of Dickies famous Work Pant.┬áThe side pockets, the hip bags and the smaller pocket on the trouser leg are handy for yardstick and Co. on the job site, they are your everyday tricks in everyday life, so you always have your important things in hand.

-Men’s Shorts

-2 side pockets

-2 bags, one with button

-Small pocket on the leg

-Taped Dickies label

-Belt loops

-Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

-Fit: Loose Fit

Brand: Dickies

Dickies Shorts 42283 13 Inch Multi Use Pocket Work Shorts

Staying connected just got a little bit easier with these Dickies Men’s 42283 BK Black 13 Inch Multi Use Pocket Work Shorts. It’s time

Dickies Mens 13-Inch Relaxed-Fit Multi-Pocket Short

Dickies Mens 13-Inch Relaxed-Fit Multi-Pocket Short

  1. Relaxed fit version of Dickies widely popular 13 inch inseam work short.
  2. What is frustrating is was all has a similar 65/35 long Dickies short from the local walmart, and they fit exactly correct, but they are not the same short.
  3. The waste band, belt loops and event feel of the material are all different.
  4. I REALLY wish Dickies would designate each short model (if I can use that term here) with something that will make it clear what product we are looking at / comparing.
  5. His only work shorts he has right now are a size 36, so he asked me to order some more.
  6. I ordered two of these Dickies shorts in a size 36 – they came in a timely manner (I actually think they were early).
  7. As soon as I opened the package, I washed and dried them according to instructions and my husband tried them on after his shower before work.
  8. He couldn’t even come close to button them – they are extremely small.
  9. If you want to order these shorts, order at least 2 sizes bigger.
  10. They fit fine for me, but I’ve been wearing Dickies size 34 for years, I have other brands in 32 that are just slightly tighter, so it could be that Dickies do run a little small, and it might be a good idea to get a couple sizes bigger like mostly everyone is saying in their reviews.
  11. Note that these are the real deal Dickies, not like the cheap ones sold at walmart, that could be a reason why people are having size issues.
  12. I’m not sure if the walmart one’s fit any different, but they have buttons instead of the hook & eye closure, thinner belt loops, different logo patches, and the material to me seems softer, and thinner.
  13. I prefer these because it’s the real deal, and at a great price, can’t go wrong with that.
  14. These are much longer than in the picture, by about 3 to 4 inches however they do not look bad and my husband says they help cover his knees while he’s working.
  15. They come to just below my knee in length and are constructed well.
  16. Glad I went one size up as suggested by other reviewers.
  17. They’re still a little snug but I’m hoping a good washing with some fabric softener will loosen them up a bit.
  18. I’m a solid 33-34 in most every other brand and these are tight in the waist and balls.
  19. Just make sure you measure your waist, I’m usually a “38”, but with Dickies in really a size “40”.
  20. Take note, or you’ll be sending them back for being to small.
  21. First wash I let them soak for awhile and it seemed to help soften them up.
  22. I am 6′ tall and the 13 inch are perfect, they hang about 2 inches below my knee.
  23. The picture shows at the knee, these shorts are way above the knee.

Buy here $19.47 – $42.42


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