Dickies Unlined Eisenhower Jacket Men’s Jacket Charcoal Gray

Dickies Unlined Eisenhower Jacket Mens Jacket Charcoal Gray Transition Jackets

The Eisenhower Jacket with its sturdy material mix is ​​wrinkle-free and designed for the industrial wash -so it makes a lot and is unfamiliar -a great companion through the warm days.

The Unlined version is ungrounded and comes with a gold full-length front zipper, various pockets and a button-adjustable cuffs and cuffs. In a subtle gray, the classic Dickies work jacket fits all your outfits and is a very special part of cool streetwear. Wear this jacket with ease and conviction and bring the rough working world with charm ruber in the field of fashion and urban catwalks.

-Men’s summer jacket

-Unlined -Unhatched

-Continuous front zipper


-2 side pockets

-Narrow pocket on the sleeve

-Cuffs and waistband adjustable with buttons

-Wrinkle Free

-Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton

Brand: Dickies

Dickies Men’s Big-Tall Unlined Eisenhower Jacket

Dickies Men's Big-Tall Unlined Eisenhower Jacket

  1. Sold in every state in the U.S., Dickies now offers a broad spectrum of work garments ranging from work pants and work shirts to denim jeans and women’s workwear.
  2. Since its beginnings in 1922, every piece of Dickies workwear has stood for the quality, toughness, and pride that embodies the spirit of the American worker.
  3. Colonel’ Dickie began their business careers in the ‘vehicle and harness’ business in Bryan, Texas.
  4. In 1918, they made what turned out to be a momentous decision when they and a few friends established the U.S.
  5. From its early years, Williamson-Dickie enjoyed steady growth, slowed only by the Great Depression, and during World War II, the company was sequestered to produce millions of uniforms for the nation’s armed forces.
  6. Don Williamson began a strategy of geographical expansion and established new production facilities, warehouses, and sales territories throughout the United States.
  7. In the late 1950’s, Williamson-Dickie became an international company by expanding into the European market and the Middle Eastern market – where Texas oilmen introduced the Dickies brand to Middle Eastern oil fields.
  8. While Williamson-Dickie began as a bib overall company, today it has grown to be the number one manufacturer of work apparel worldwide.
  9. By continually expanding and updating its selection, Williamson-Dickie now offers garments ranging from its staple work pants and work shirts to items such as women’s workwear, chore coats, and denim jeans.
  10. Dickies workwear is currently sold in all 50 states and throughout the world in countries such as South Africa, Australia, Russia, Chile, Japan, Iceland, Canada, Europe and Mexico.
  11. We will gladly replace a Dickies garment or refund your money if you are not satisfied for any reason.
  12. Please feel free to call our special customer service line with any comments at 1-800-DICKIES.
  13. Heavy-duty brass zipper front closure with Dickies logo label on left hem.
  14. I purchased this jacket in large, and it fits me wonderfully.
  15. I could even wear a hoodie underneath it if I wanted to.
  16. I think the sleeves on a medium would have been too short for my long arms.
  17. Since it is a large, and my torso is fairly average for a woman (I just have long legs!), the jacket comes down to my hips.
  18. No biggie at all, but I know that it’s designed to come to the waist.
  19. I think that perhaps men have longer torsos than women?
  20. I’m actually pleased that this jacket is longer on my body.
  21. There are two roomy pockets on the exterior of the jacket, and two pockets on the interior.
  22. However, the interior pockets are oddly shaped and not likely to hold that much stuff.
  23. A week or two ago I also purchased the lined version of this jacket in black.
  24. Both seem quite sturdy and appropriate for most situations in my life.
  25. Durable, strong stitching, the waistband can be adjusted for a tighter fit (it has 2 sets of 2 buttons on the back of the waistband), the pockets are big and usuable, the fabric is a heavy cotton twill, the Dickies logo isn’t obtrusive.
  26. I would not buy smaller or larger if you are average weight/height and to buy your normal t-shirt size.
  27. I was looking for a more fitting jacket and not something I was swimming in.
  28. After 1 wash, it really didn’t shrink and fits well in the sleeves as well as the front and back, especially when zipped up.
  29. Jacket sits at the waist and will cover your belt if you wear your pants on the waist.
  30. If you are heavier set, or are really tall or short, you may want to try one on at a local store before buying as there have been many reviews about people going up or down on sizing.
  31. I took a gamble and luckily it fits perfect for my body type.
  32. I can see if heavier set people would go a size up for more room or shorter people to go a size down or taller people go one up due to the sleeves.
  33. The jacket fits slim so if you plan on layering, I would again try one on at a local store.
  34. I usually wear a t-shirt under the jacket and it fits perfectly for me.
  35. I hope this helps, I wanted to list my height and weight and body type to help someone else on here as I had read a ton of reviews before deciding to make the purchase.
  36. A lot of reviews don’t include that info, which makes it tough on deciding to go bigger or smaller.
  37. I was going to get a large, I’m glad I went with my correct sizing.
  38. This is a classic style (IMHO) that is rather hard to find these days.
  39. However I should’ve ordered this in a tall size because the sleeves were to short and when I cross my arms my mobility is limited which isn’t ideal for me.
  40. Other than that this jacket goes down to your waist so order the right size otherwise it’ll ride up when you lift your arms.
  41. In 90F plus temps you’d be hard pressed to want anything called a “jacket” on you.
  42. But I have worn this jacket in 85F weather no problem with a t-shirt or thin shirt underneath.
  43. This is my third unlined Dickies Ike jacket, and it’s top quality just as the others.
  44. I bought mine primarily for riding my motorbikes in the summer heat.
  45. I don’t like going with short sleeves and enjoy what I consider a minimal amount of protection when I ride.
  46. But for summer what would be durable enough to help protect my skin if I took a slide on the pavement, yet lightweight and cool enough for summer temps?<
  47. My only gripe and the only thing that keeps this product at 4 Stars and not 5 are the zippers.
  48. I have even tried WD-40 on them and they still seem to get “stuck” sometimes near the lower part of the mechanism.
  49. However, small complaint for an otherwise fine product.
  50. The first charcoal I got had a zipper that would get stuck on the last two inches so I exchanged it.
  51. The exchange was painless and it was shipped as soon as my return was confirmed in the mail.
  52. The second charcoal jacket I got was fine until I threw it in the wash.
  53. I followed the care instructions, but the seam between the collar and back of the jacket now has a hole in it.
  54. I’ll have to go another route for an all around work jacket.
  55. It is an excellent fit on the shoulders and chest and the waist is narrowed down so this jacket looks tailored and smart.
  56. The fabric is easy to clean and always comes out of the wash (cold wash) ready to be line dried and worn.
  57. It can be worn with a T shirt or a collared shirt and the fabric is tough without being stiff and uncomfortable.
  58. This is a good jacket with just a T shirt for cool days, either early autumn or spring and it certainly won’t shrink.
  59. The color doesn’t fade and the inside pockets hold small things.
  60. As a work jacket or a casual jacket with jeans, this jacket is a winner!<
  61. Some people say it looks small on me but thats how this jacket is supposed to be.

Buy here $29.28 – $81.56

The Unlined Eisenhower Jacket By Dickies

This tough, versatile jacket has classic styling, rugged durability, and comfort making it one of our most popular twill work jackets. It’s


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