Dickies WP873 Work Pants Slim Straight (Rinsed Maple)

Dickies WP873 Work Pants Slim Straight (Rinsed Maple) pants

The Work Pant Slim Straight with all the classic features of the Original 874 Workpant.

With its simple look, it fits perfectly with any outfit and should not be missing from now on in your wardrobe. You were the original Work Pants just too far? This is the here.

The Slim Straight Pant is tight and even straighter cut.

-Material: 65% polyester 35% cotton

-Close cut

-2 side pockets

-2 side pockets (left with button closure)

-Waistband with belt loops

-Zip-Fly with hook closure

-Simple label details

-High quality processed

2112372 Dickies Premium Industrial Cargo Pant-CHARCOAL-34x30

2112372 Dickies Premium Industrial Cargo Pant-CHARCOAL-34x30

  1. The fabric, hardware, zippers, and the stitching are as durable as on any trousers I've ever owned.
  2. Dickies makes good quality clothing, no question about that.
  3. I wear these pants almost every day and they last at least through 50 laundry cycles before they start to fray or show so much wear that I can't wear them "out" on a casual date with friends, and have to relegate them to "grubbies" status, which means clothes I wear to work on greasy car repairs, house painting, or yard work.
  4. Actually, all of the Dickies Cargo Pants I've ever owned eventually got sent to the "grubbies" section of the closest because I spilled something that permanently stained them, or tore them somehow, like on a sharp piece of metal or rock, and not because they wore out.
  5. NOTE: Dickies makes cargo pants in a bewildering array of styles and prices, not all of which use the same fasteners.
  6. Make sure that what you are buying is the "Industrial" Cargo Pant that has the riveted metal button, and metal zippers on the cargo pockets: other Dickies cargo pant "models" look identical on first glance, but have sewn on plastic waitband closure buttons and velcro for the cargo pocket.
  7. Those pants cost a few dollars less than this Industrial model, and I expect they are not as durable.
  8. It's definitely worth the 3 or 4 dollars extra to get these.
  9. The legs do have to be hemmed, but if you are larger than size 46, they are one of the few choices in trousers for really "big guys".
  10. The color selection isn't really big, I think just black, navy, and khaki, but that's probably because they're meant to be work pants, and not a "fashion statement".
  11. Anyway, if you want trousers with cargo pockets that will last at least a year of hard use, or several years of light use, and you want them to be roomy and comfortable, look no farther.
  12. NOTE: I am not an employee of this manufacturer and am not being paid by anyone to post a complimentary review.
  13. I'm a big dude and it's hard enough to find pants that fit comfortably; having them be high quality and durable is a bonus.
  14. I was buying the dickies "regular" cargo pants from wallmart.
  15. They are much better then the standard ones, they have a better THICKER feel to them.
  16. The cargo pockets have a zipper and theirs a small pocket on one side for attaching things with clips, like tools and phones.The pockets have a thicker double wall, that feels way better then the other cheap ones.The black coloring is DEEPER AND LAST WAY LONGER!!!<
  17. The first shipment, they lost the order after giving them over a month for delivery.
  18. The listing clearly stated:
    "Specification for this product family
    Brand Name Dickies Occupational Workwear
    Color Black
    Fabric Type 65% Polyester,35% Cotton.
  19. Import Designation Imported
    Material Type Polyester/Cotton
    Style Name 2112372
    UNSPSC Code 46180000"

    Standard Workwear's response was to charge me a 50% restocking fee to return it.

  20. I have purchased other Dickies from other companies and had no problems and love the product but I will never buy from this seller again.
  21. I wish they had the old school Dickies phone pocket though.
  22. The material does feel a little thinner than the Dickies that I am used to, but they also get softer against your skin faster and easier.
  23. I spend a lot of time on my knees and they are holding up well.

Buy here $49.99

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