Elan Zest LS Ski -ELW 9.0 Binding White

Elan Zest LS Ski  ELW 9.0 Binding White

The Zest LS is the perfect women’s ski for beginners to advanced who want to explore the whole mountain.

With this ski, Elan offers you the opportunity of being on the slopes and away from the same fun? to have.

The Parabolic Rocker makes it possible, it allows you a particularly easy control of the ski without sacrificing the necessary grip.

The matching binding is included.

-Ladies Ski

-Application: All Mountain

-Plate: Light Shift

-Including ELW 9.0 bond

-Sidecut: 125/76/103

-Radius: 138 (10.2), 144 (11.3), 152 (12.3), 160 (13.9)

-Profile: Parabolic Rocker


-Full Power Cap

-SupraLite Core

Note: Ski and binding are not mounted.

A pre-assembly on the individual shoe size is possible on request. It is not possible to carry out an external inspection of the binding on the adjusting device without an original ski boot and must be carried out at the specialist shop at your location.

Elan Zest LS Ski + ELW 9.0 Shift Ski Binding 2017, 158

Elan Zest LS Ski + ELW 9.0 Shift Ski Binding 2017, 158

  1. Full Power Cap construction makes the ski light easier to turn and forgiving.
  2. The Zest is extremely user friendly and enhances progress on the slope.
  3. Shape Flex EARLY RISE ROCKER PROFILE Early Rise Rocker provides effortless turns thanks to moderate rocker in the tip and tail which results in a shorter effective length of the skis edge.
  4. FULL POWER CAP Full Power Cap construction is lighter easier to turn and forgiving.
  5. Never before has a ski design allowed the combination of these two characteristics together in one ski.
  6. SUPRALITE WOODCORE A new core with an advanced ultralight composite creating a lighter weight ski and optimizing flex distribution.
  7. Vibration absorbers on the plates end points dampen chatter to improve comfort and responsiveness.

Buy here $300.00

2018 Elan Zest Blue Light Shift Skis w/ EL 7.5 Bindings

2018 Elan Zest Blue Light Shift Skis w/ EL 7.5 Bindings

  1. Elan has been crafting skis out of their European factory for generations.
  2. In this new series of women’s skis Elan has emphasized creating skis that are as light and maneuverable as possible without sacrificing any performance characteristics on firm or challenging snow.
  3. The heart of the Zest Blue ski is the core; a core meticulously designed by the engineers at Elan to have the absolute best weight-to-performance ratio.
  4. The Supralight core is a composite material reinforced with strategic placements of wood to get the best of both materials: weight savings and hard snow performance.
  5. The Zest Blue skis also utilize a design characteristic only seen on Elan skis- the Waveflex profile.
  6. The waved topsheet profile creates a smooth longitudinal flex while providing torsional rigidity for a tenacious edge grip, something rarely seen existing simultaneously.
  7. The Zest Blue takes its light, flexible design and adds in a parabolic rocker shape to allow for buttery simple turn initiation and transition.
  8. In order to take advantage of all these skier-centered design characteristics, Elan integrates their Light Shift binding system.
  9. It’s time to bring that fresh energy to your skiing experience on the Elan Blue Light Shift skis.

Buy here $269.99 – $319.99


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