F2 Eliminator WC Carbon Freecarve Snowboard 2018

F2 Eliminator WC Carbon Freecarve Snowboard 2018 Raceboards

The new full-carbon edition of F2's Eliminator promises the perfect symbiosis of versatility and explosive performance.

The Eliminator WC has as its name implies a high carbon content virtually not only the Topsheet, but also the G40 Light core encased with full Carnoneinlagen.

This gives the popular Freecarve snowboard an incredibly tight twist, with which you get the board precisely at high speed around the curve. The directional Vario camber and the fast Perlatech base with stone-diamond finish put the finishing touches on the eliminator WC Carbon to be first in the finish. Application: Freecarve All Mountain -Flex: 9/10 -Stiff

-Topsheet: Carbon Deck Gloss Finish

-Core: G40 Lightcore

-Fabric: Full Triax Carbon

-Shape: Vario Camber

-Base: Perlatech Base

-Decking: Stone Diamond Finish

-Edges: Razor Tuning

Rider Weight:

-50-80 kg (158 cm)

-65 kg -(163 cm)

-70 kg -(166cm Wide)

Medium Width -24.8 cm (158 cm)

-25.4 cm (163 cm)

-25.9 cm (166 cm wide)

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