F2 Intec Titanium Binding Red2017

F2 Intec Titanium Binding Red2017 Race Board bonds

Step-In binding for Race and Extreme Carving, the standard in the World Cup, now with optimized baseplate for more sensitive flex behavior.

-Most direct force transmission through hardened titanium base plate

-ESD steaming system for perfect control even on icy courses

-Two sizes for optimal flex behavior for small shoe sizes

-Anodised Titanal Base for Excellent Optics and Corrosion Resistance

-Teflonized Intec heel pick-up, no freezing of snow and ice possible

-High adjustable stainless steel ball for perfect shoe fitting

size table -L = 26.5 -31.0 Mondopoint

-M = 24.0 -29.0 Mondopoint

Kit Completed! Kessler Alpine 168 + F2 Race Titanium + Deeluxe Boots


UnBoxing the new F2 Race Titanium bindings 2016.

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