F2 Silver Arrow Raceboard Snowboard 2017

F2 Silver Arrow Raceboard Snowboard 2017 Raceboards

For the 2017 season, the Silver Arrow Raceboard from F2 has been given a new shape, long and a topsheet of maple wood.

The established in the race and slalom area snowboard is looking for his equal. Perfect edge grip even on tight turns, absolutely smooth running at high speeds, that F2 Siberpfeil has let the hearts of all raceboard riders beat faster for more than 20 years.
-Flex: 7
-Core: G60 Douglascore
-Application: Piste / Race
-Fabric: X45 Triaxial Glass Fiber
-Torsion oriented fiberglass fabric with UD carbon fibers, designed specifically for racing and carving boards, offering razor-sharp grip and stability. Brt> -Torsion-resistant glass scrim with UD carbon fibers, designed for raceboards with a snappy edge grip.
-Shape: Vario Camber
-An auto-adaptive preload curve provides astounding maneuverability and does not release the full stability potential until fast, powerful turns.
-Base: F 8000 nanobase
-The sintered coating with nano-particles improves the absorption of wax and the resistance against scratches = super solid.
-Decking: Stone Diamond Finish
-Sintered surface with nano-particles, which improve the absorption of the wax and the resistance to scratches = super strong.
-Edges: Razor Tuning
-All F2 boards are finished with 89 ° and 0.5 ° chamfered edges. It is slightly rounded in the front blade area.

The result is an edge with the best ice grip, and precise control behavior. Rider Weight:
-60kg -(162cm)
-70kg -(168cm)
Average Boardwidth:
-180mm (162cm)
-182mm (168cm)

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