F2 Silver Arrow Vantage Raceboard Snowboard 2018

F2 Silver Arrow Vantage Raceboard Snowboard 2018 Raceboards

Raceboard riders who prefer a flat binding angle are in exactly the right spot on F2's Silver Arrow Vantage.

The Vantage is up to 3 cm wider than the regular Silver Arrow model, so even racers with big feet get their money's worth.

The structure of the F2 Silver Arrow Vantage consists of a crisp Vario-Camber preload and the G60 Douglascore, which gets its torsion stems through triaxial fiberglass.

The hard graphite nanobase has a very good wax and lets you run to full speed. The snowboard comes to your home waxed, so you can go straight to the slope Carven.

-Flex: 7/10 -Medium-Stiff

-Topsheet: European Ash Wood-deck

-Core: G60 Douglascore

-Application: Extreme Carving

-Fabric: X45 Triaxial Glass Fiber

-Shape: Vario Camber

-Base: F 8000 nanobase

-Decking: Stone Diamond Finish

-Edges: Razor Tuning

Average Width:

-21.2 cm (162cm)

-22nd0 cm (168cm)

Rider weight:

-40-75 kg -(162cm)

-60 kg -(168cm)

F2 Silberpfeil First Run


First run on my brand new silberpfeil in Mallnitz, Austria on the Ankogel slopes. Board has a significant wider stance then my burton

NOCO Genius GENM1 4 Amp 1-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger

NOCO Genius GENM1 4 Amp 1-Bank Waterproof Smart On-Board Battery Charger

  1. Recovers deeply discharged and sulfated batteries with pulse charging.
  2. The charger makes important charging decisions so you don’t have to.
  3. It is the safest, most effective charger you may ever use.
  4. They can be mounted onto virtually any vehicle, like a boat, car, tractor, or RV.
  5. Safe to leave connected indefinitely, the GEN Mini interactively diagnoses, recovers, and charges wet, gel, MF and AGM batteries from 20-120 ampere hour and maintains all battery sizes.
  6. The GEN Mini is a smart battery charging solution for rugged environments, and includes multiple innovative features, such as 100 percent waterproof design, automatically recovers sulfated batteries, charges multiple battery chemistries, designed for user safety, protects against abnormal conditions, small, compact design, optimizes a battery's specific gravity, charges 2X faster than traditional chargers, works with varying AV voltages, and ignition protected.
  7. GEN Mini On-Board Smart Battery Chargers are rated at IP68, ETL approved for United States and Canada, and comes with a 5 year limited warranty.
  8. One starting battery on a bank and one deep cycle battery on a separate bank.
  9. You will read others trying to charge 4 or more batteries with this item calling a "bank" more than one battery wired in series or parallel, which is a traditional definition of a "battery bank".
  10. If you have 4 batteries on what you consider a traditional "2 bank" set-up, then spring for the "NOCO 4 bank" charger as they consider a "bank" ONE BATTERY!!<
  11. I did a great deal of research on this item and chose this over any other "trickle-charger", even over the Optima one.
  12. It is VERY EASY to install and can be installed in any manner as far as upside down, right side up, whatever, so you have options.
  13. I suggest buying the NOCO power port receptacle that installs on the interior of the boat to assist with the ease of connecting the power cord from your home or dock to this unit.
  14. Other than that all you need is simple tools and some zip ties.
  15. I received the Gen1 4a charger, mounted it, and placed it on a new deep cycle lead acid battery.
  16. This battery was already charged, and specific gravity readings were good and consistent across all cells.The unit started off OK, charging and slowly raising the voltage of the battery on my DVM.
  17. But, it continued that rate, boiling my new battery, for 15 additional hours until I removed it.
  18. This operation was virtually identical when place on another new starter battery.
  19. I see no valid explanation for this charger operation on two, new, and different batteries.
  20. What was worrisome, was that my findings are similar to some reviews already posted by other users about this charger boiling off their batteries.
  21. NOCO Tech support did reply to my emails, offering warranty services if returned to them.
  22. But it is what it is, and my confidence in this make/model of charger was gone.
  23. I returned the NOCO charger and ordered a Minn Kota 106PC.
  24. I will review the Minn Kota unit after some time goes by (initial indications are excellent).
  25. Then it popped just after plugging it in and no longer lights up or responds.
  26. Cutting and soldering (with marine heat shrink) was necessary for my install, as their large 3/8" ring terminals, ferrite core, and ATO fuse holder were too large to pass through a grommet in one battery compartment - not an uncommon issue in boats I've worked on.
  27. I responded and they took another 5 days to get back to me confirming the warranty is void without ever even seeing the unit.
  28. The quality of my solder joint had nothing to do with this failure (fuse didn't blow), and the company refuses to even investigate their product.
  29. I shopped for a decent two bank charger that would condition batteries to help with sulfation, and landed on this one.
  30. The deep cycle battery was too dead for this charger to initially detect it, so I had to hook it up to a "dumb" charger for about 24 hours to get the voltage high enough for this charger to detect it and start charging.
  31. Now when I plug it in after a trip, the batteries are topped off overnight.
  32. Side note: one review mentioned a concern about the waterproof nature of this product.
  33. The inside of the unit is completely sealed with epoxy potting compound so I'm 100% confident that it is waterproof.
  34. Went to use my trolling motor and the batteries were dead.
  35. Checked batteries and all three deep cycle batteries were dry.
  36. Refilled batteries with distilled water and there were no leaks.
  37. Interestingly the regular cranking battery looks good no water missing.
  38. The two items work great and make keeping my batteries charged a breeze.

Buy here $59.95

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