Golf caps - Finnlo Multigym. Number Of Steps 16 5 Kg

Finnlo Multigym

The Finnlo Autark 600 is the latest multi-gym of Finnlo. This space-saving multipurpose gym of Finnlo is the solution for all users who want to do at home. Strength training The Finnlo Autark 600 is very compact and very well priced. All bearings are ball bearings and the frame is made ​​of durable steel. The weight stack of this compact gym is concealed in its entirety by mItem IDs of two beautifully designed caps. In this way, the weight stack and the associated cables securely.

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Accessories Wide lat bar, 2x single handles, triceps rope, small bar
Drawn dimensions 185 x 78 x 196 cm
Weight Stack 80 Kg
Maximum user weight 120 Kg
Muscle groups to train Chest, arms, shoulder, back, abdomen and legs
Factory warranty 24


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