Finnlo Multigym. Number Of Steps 40 Of 2.5 Kg

Finnlo Multigym

No weights, no noise, a ton of different exercises – THE perfect for the home gym. Finnlo revolutionizing strength in its entirety with the spectacular Bio Force series! Instead of conventional weight stacks the Bio Force uses special TNT resistance technology. Two cylinders filled with nitrogen (nitrogen) at the rear of the power station generating up to 100 kg. (2x 50 kg) flexible and proportionate resistance without any noise. With its ingenious cable system and a wide range of adjustable positions of the pullies, the Bio Force guarantees more than 100 different exercises. The four different connection points at shoulder level on each side to provide you with four different widths to train chest and arm muscles so that you can address. Exactly the right muscles Two feet stage provided for a wide variety of exercises for the lower body. Train for example, adductors, abductors, hamstrings and calves with no problem. The seat can be easily removed for both standing and squatting exercises. In the manual, a comprehensive and detailed exercise schedule included so that you get the right guidance and explanations for each exercise.
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Kg Maximum
Accessories 2 foot stage, handbook with explanations and illustrations of more than 100 exercises
Drawn dimensions 134 x 165 x 208 cm
Weight Stack 0 Kg
Maximum user weight 135 Kg
Maximum resistance 100 Kg
Muscle groups to train Chest, arms, shoulder, back, abdomen and legs
Factory warranty 24
Kg Maximum

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